Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Why would they leave?

Why would the mighty 15 leave Quixtar? They were all Diamonds and above. I know Don Wilson and Randy Haugen were Double Diamonds. I know that Emerald (half a Diamond business) makes at least $100,000/year. That means they gave up hundreds of thousands of dollars per year of passive income. Why?

Eight of the might 15 were IBOAI board members. These are some of the biggest business owners in Quixtar. They are elected by all the Platinums and above to that position. So either they are very popular, or they have big businesses.

Quixtar only terminated their contracts with Chris Brady and Orrin Woodward. From what I understand, the others of the mighty 15 quit voluntarily. Why would they give up their incomes?

I've heard (I have no idea how true this is) that the mighty 15's businesses represent 40% of the IBOs in Quixtar. That's huge. That means they really had a lot to lose. Again, why would they do this?

It's interesting to see all the press releases, blog postings and statements issued by Quixtar. It looks like they are scared. They are name-calling, and acting really childish.

I'm not to the Platinum level yet, so I don't have any insider information. My leaders just recently aligned with Team. I don't know which direction my leaders will go in. I'll follow them whichever way they go. Not because of loyalty to Orrin Woodward, Chris Brady, "The Corporation" known as Quixtar, but because my leaders have developed a personal relationship with me and have mentored me to help me become a better person and business leader. If my leaders leave with Team, will Quixtar take up that role? I don't have a personal relationship with anyone at "The Corporation."

I just hope this gets resolved soon.


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