Saturday, August 11, 2007

QUIXTAR: The Human Toll

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The Human Toll
Saturday, August 11, 2007
The past few days have been tumultuous for Quixtar. You just need to check out the news release about Team or Jim's Adatudes post or the joint statement issued by Quixtar, Founders Council and the IBOAI to see why.
Meanwhile, on the transformation front, work continues at a blistering pace to launch new products, new training, and new business incentives. There is a human toll to all of that. Today I spent a considerable portion of my day dealing with staff stressed out about how much work is coming through the funnel. I've also seen people in other areas pushed to their limits, trying to juggle the work, their families, their vacations and plans, and their health needs.

I know that, in the field, IBOs also experience stress related to jobs, their independent businesses, and the many other pulls on their life, including family, church, volunteer commitments, and friends. Leaders, meanwhile, are being pulled in every direction by their business groups as well.

With the Team actions this week, I can only imagine the additional stress that has been placed on IBO friendships and allegiances. It is unfortunate and it isn't something we wish to exacerbate here at Quixtar. Right now our focus is on improving all aspects of our business to deliver on the promise we make to a new IBO when they register: that they can achieve their goals with a Quixtar business of their own. We will continue to strive toward that goal for all IBOs, including those in Team and other organizations whose leaders have been terminated for their refusal to work with us on improving the business experience for all.

We don't call them leaders for nothing. People follow leaders. I expect that some will stick with the leaders who are focused on a path that diverged from the company's direction some time ago. I hope many others will take the time to weigh their options, review what Quixtar has to offer, and make the right choice.

There is a human toll in this business unlike any other. In differences of opinion there will be rifts that are formed. I hope we are successful building bridges for all IBOs to rejoin Quixtar on its pathway to profitibility for all IBOs.

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