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QUIXTAR: IBOAI Board Position on the Global Business Transformation

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August 13, 2007

IBOAI Board Position on the Global Business Transformation

IBOAI's Board of Directors released a statement jointly with Quixtar on August 10 about both the business transformation and the terminations of certain IBO leaders. In this topic thread, we'd like to focus on the Business Transformation.

What lies ahead of us is a two-year period of examining all aspects of this business. There has been mutual agreement between those of us in the field and the Company that we need to improve in numerous areas to make this business the opportunity of this century, just as it was for the last, and to improve profitability across the board.
Quixtar has led off this process with a new, improved compensation plan. It has agreed to give us more products that can be retailed, and the field has agreed that we need to do a better job of education regarding product sales.

IBOAI's Board members and other IBO leaders will be working closely with the Company on all aspects of this transformation. We all understand that it makes no sense to turn a great business upside down by making too many changes at once. Instead, there will be periodic joint announcements on changes over the next two years.

The global business transformation now underway is not only exciting because of the enhanced opportunities for all IBOs, but also because it incorporates a higher standard of business practices than ever before, something vital to all of our long-term success. We are working with Quixtar to make the concept of partnership a viable proposition that enhances the business opportunity for every IBO.

So, what do YOU think about it?

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