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QUIXTAR: What's New At Quixtar

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Not Directly from Quixtar, but sources say this is accurate.

Quixtar Update - not quite what TEAM wanted
Written by IBOFightBack
Tuesday, 14 August 2007 today posted an update (reproduced below) about some changes coming in the near future. In the context of some of TEAM's complaints about wanting price decreases ... well, it's quite interesting reading. In summary -
one discount available - case purchases - is being removed.
most products will remain the same price, only a few will increase
shipping rates will increase!
the new product lines will be Simply Nutrilite™ foods for people on the go who care about their health and Artistry® Essentials, a natural colour cosmetics line
So, in contrast to TEAM's desire to have prices drop, they're staying the same or going up. TEAM wanted products to compete with WalMart, instead Quixtar is introducing more Nutrilite and Artistry products - premium quality brands.

Feedback I've had already is that the Simply Nutrilite products will be very well received, but it's clear that these changes are nothing like the dramatic changes TEAM was demanding.

To my mind it's quite clearly a difference of philosophies is ultimately behind this split -
TEAM wants to compete with WalMart
Quixtar wants to be the best in Health & Beauty
It's really a fundamentally different approach. As an entrepreneur, I'm impressed with the vision of Woodward and other TEAM leaders, but as a businessman who has had businesses both succeed and fail - I'm happier, and more secure and confident, in the Quixtar approach.

Still, Quixtar obviously can always be improved. We await information on the actual products being launched and their pricing (and hence retailability) and still no news on the branding improvements to the classic SA8 and LOC lines that were hinted at by Beth Dornan on the Opportunity Zone. I think a marketing resurrection of those lines could truly help new IBOs get retailing more easily.

And as for the shipping? Oh dear .... that does need some work.

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