Friday, August 10, 2007

QUIXTAR: Just go, Team

August 10th, 2007…
Just go, Team
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We terminated Orrin Woodward yesterday, along with several other leaders of his field organization, named Team. We’ll post our formal statement when it’s ready. Informally, here’s the story:

We terminated Orrin Woodward for philosophical reasons. We did it for legal reasons.

But the main reason we did it is because the way Orrin Woodward ran his organization was a disgrace to every person who’s ever tried to build a Quixtar or Amway business the right way.

We have fought to clean up the reputation of our company for years. We know that one of the biggest challenges our reputation faces is misrepresentation of the Quixtar and Amway businesses to others.

And over the last several months, it became clear to us that Orrin Woodward was a poster child for a long list of bad business practices that our critics hate about our company. The other leaders we terminated – including Chris Brady, Billy Florence, Don Wilson, Randy Haugen, Tim Marks and Chuck Goetschel – also showed they were unwilling to reform.

Not telling people they were signing up with Quixtar? Woodward would hide that fact from new Independent Business Owners as long as he could.

Making people think it was easy money? Same deal.

Telling people that Quixtar was merely a “supplier,” and not the company they were signing a contract with? Yup.

We’d told Woodward we had problems with the way he ran his business for years, and we worked methodically to bring those problems to resolution. We got ignored, we got lied to, and, boy, we got the runaround.

So in the end, yesterday, we tried to give him one last chance to reform.

He didn’t even want to hear his options. So we terminated him. And in return, he handed us a trumped-up, trash-talking lawsuit on his way out the door. In response, we have a temporary restraining order issued by a court that prevents him from looting the business as he seeks to take his act to a new company.

So he’s gone, and so are others. We are doing our best to repair the relationships Orrin Woodward damaged and protect the businesses of the people in his organization that Orrin Woodward betrayed. And we will continue building our business with thousands of people who know how to build it the right way.

We would say we were sorry to see Orrin Woodward go. But only if that were true.

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