Friday, August 24, 2007

QUIXTAR: Court Rules in Favor of IBOAI & Quixtar

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Anonymous said...

Hey a Federal judge in Texas issued a TRO against Quixtar so I guess the TEAM is still rocking.

KS in NC said...

Great site -I am with Team thru the outstanding leadership of the Hubers and after learning we have won temporary restraining orders against Q (for now) all over the country, I will not automatically renew but will wait and do what is prudent at the right time. I now do not think Q will come around. At first I had hope based on hundreds of tapes and countless functions from Britt and his ethical, I assumed God-fearing diamonds. I followed and I believed they (Britt and Q) would always do what was good for my business because they had a vested interest(it would seem) in the 90's and I knew that Q was going to work--look what the internet did for Bezos and Amazon and what about Ebay? Why not us? Mark Diamond had a tape called, "Why not you? Why not now?" and somoone had a tape titled, "Don't just dream, Do!"--Part of our reason for not achieving is definitely because of what you posted here on Crazy world. I had seven in width to a funciton six hours away. I I still have a dream 20 years later-Q I am demanding for you --NOW let me go so I can pursue IT!

KS in NC said...

How do I get people to this site?
The truth is the truth!
Forgive me but I was raised helping work on farms and the corporate employees really "stepped in it" when they started defaming Woodward's and Teams' character. There has been no negative from our leadership. The truth has been exposed from IBO's who have been around since the early days,on how the company has overpriced products and now want to go back to the LOC/shoeshine days with the name change to Amway! The typical college course of public relations taught by the sorry professors have told the Q corporation employees (not freedom seeking IBO's)who have been discrediting Woodward Brady Goetschel (and all the leaders) to just discredit the leaders and slaunder them and their flocks will run and scamper back to security! *warning political sidebar(Reminds me of the Clinton Administration and now Pelosi and Reid and their ilk in Congress who want us in tyranny and in submission to the oppressors.)

*Don't let my politics steal your dream
Lesson- do not oppress freedom or those who have had a taste of freedom will overthrow the American Revolution and Soviet Union etc.

Anonymous said...

Quixtar can blow their little victory horn all they like. The TRUMPETS of JUSTICE will fall upon there heads. I have yet to hear ONE,,, even ONE denial that their products are OVERPRICED!