Thursday, August 16, 2007

Historical Perspective on Quixtar vs Team

The Crown Takes Swift Action To Protect Its Interests

Non-compliance with Royal Law results in terminations
London, England, July 5, 1776 – King George III announced this morning the edict of termination of 56 citizens of the crown as a result of actions detrimental to the Crown's North American operations. The colonies affected were parts of the North American colonies which put forth a so called "Declaration of Independence" from the Crown yesterday.

Britain was working with George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, founders of the rebellion, to correct issues related to the colonies teaching of inappropriate talk against the crown, improper positioning of the colonies in the kingdom, and the dissidence in regards to proper taxation. These teachings placed themselves, and the Crown at serious and immediate risk of anarchy in the kingdom and had to be stopped.

Washington and Jefferson refused to work with the Crown to return the colonies to compliance with Royal rule, stated their intentions of starting a new country in competition with the Crown, and drafted a so-called "Declaration of Independence" against the Crown seeking relief from their taxation obligations.  The "declaration" is filled with outrageous claims and statements and will be defended vigorously by the Crown.

Due to their refusal to correct their practices, the Crown has issued termination orders of the citizens of the Crown, Washington and Jefferson as well as those who joined them in signing the so-called "Declaration of Independence" yesterday.  A Drawn and Quartered Order and Tar And Feather Order was sought by the Crown and granted today in the court of King George III, to prevent Washington and Jefferson from interfering with the Crown affairs, soliciting citizens for sedition against the Cornw, disparaging the Crown and damaging its reputation, and requiring them to return to the England to perform restitution.

Additional citizens of the Crown whose terminations were ordered include Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, John Hancock and Samuel Adams, among others.

Incidentally, the rag-tag troops representing the plaintiffs are the same individuals involved in several other actions against the Crown and her citizens.   

The King remains committed to the support of all citizens and will work with those who agree to abide by the Crowns’s law and maintain high ethical standards.  In fact, the Crown has announced many improvements to further enhance its colonies, including more than 200 million punds in investments in shipping routes, royal guard, training, and governmental compensation enhancements.
Commentary from the Crown is being provided by the Royal Emmersaries and the Crown is actively reaching out to citizens who were involved the traitor's organization and other organizations affected by these individuals to restate our commitment to supporting their citizenship.

About the Crown

King George III offers opportunity in the "New World" that allows people to have a business of their own, own land and live lives of peace and prosperity. The King supports citizens with proven rule, vast land holdings, plus the shipping, law enforcement and regulation they need to be successful. Citizens also are supported by communities of those who have succeeded in the colonies of the Crown before them.  

Since the 1500's, the Crown's citizens have generated millions of pounds which have enriched themselves and the Crown. Their efforts have propelled the Crown to be largest kingdown in the world since the Roman Empire.  

The Crown supports colonies of her citizens in the Americas, India, Australia, Africa and various other territories and independent island nations.

Compare with Quixtar's official press release on the subject.

Read the original Declaration of Independence.


Anonymous said...

Have you guys seen yet? It has all of the latest news coverage, etc.

Anonymous said...

It's not hard to see the tyranny of Quixtar/Amway! A simple request for an amicable split and Amquix lashes out like a spoiled King!

Tom Morris said...

I've seen freetheibo. I posted a copy of my Historical Perspective there.

Anonymous said...

That has to be the most beautifuly written analogy I will ever see about this 'situation'. Thank-you.

Anonymous said...

When Jody Victor speaks for "the Board" look out. He only speaks out for his own self interest.
Ask Jody why he can't go back to Poland.

Cat said...

Too funny, Tom. Very well written.

Thanks for one of the few laughs my spouse and I have enjoyed over this whole mess! I come back to it every time I am angry, and need some perspective, or even just a smile . . .

cat said...

Here's my version:

Dear Mr. & Mrs. Prospect,

It is with sincere apologies I wish to write you this letter. I was in your home recently, showing you the Quixtar business plan, as taught to me by my TEAM mentors and approved (at the time) by Quixtar.

You laughed at me. You said point blank “Quixtar is just Amway in a dress, all dressed up so people won’t know it’s them! We know, and we don’t want any part of Amway!”

I told you Quixtar was a subsidiary of Alticor, and a wholly different business model. You didn’t buy it, and tossed me out on my ear.

Mr. & Mrs. Prospect, you were right. I was wrong. They are one in the same, now and forever. The only difference between them is Quixtar is run by the sons of Amway, who lack the integrity and courage of the fathers, and care only for profits and the bottom line. I deeply regret any inconvenience I may have caused you.

Mrs. IBO