Monday, August 20, 2007

Don't Compete, Don't Talk To Your Family and Friends

The first thing you're told to do after you register is to make a list of all the family and friends you have ever known. Then you find out which ones want to join you on your quest for freedom.

There are two rules that Quixtar is reminding the Platinums, via the email previously mentioned, that they cannot solicit these family and friends to join them in any other ventures for two years after they leave Quixtar. That makes Thanksgivings awkward.

"So how are things going?"

"Legally, I can't tell you."

Why do they think they can tell you who you can solicit. How do they get control over your family and friends, more control than you have? Didn't you go out and talk to them, help mentor them? How does Quixtar get an exclusive on them for two years? They wouldn't even be registered with Quixtar if it had not been for you.

I hope the lawsuit in California can fix some of these problems. If they have a lock on you, they have control. I think that even if you are going to stay with Quixtar, you should have the freedom to leave whenever. That way they have to provide first class service to make sure you stay. They are then forced to be the best. Free Market would ensure they are doing well, because it is a matter of survival.

I think Quixtar could do very well, if they lowered their prices. Make DeVos and VanAndel families get the same income structure that the IBOs get, and put the 30% back into price cuts. It would make them more competitive, and prevent many people from leaving with their *leaders*.

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