Sunday, August 26, 2007

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About Products
We would like to comment about the product issue that has been coming up.

Contrary to the myth that Quixtar's products are all priced too high, the majority of the products are priced very competitively to national brands in their same category.

Most IBO's do not wish to market discount store quality products. That has never been our business model. In particular we find that the Artistry line is priced well and a very profitable line.

In addition to that, Quixtar has lowered the quantity of the Nutrilite Daily from 180 to 90, and lowered the price to make it even more competitive. They introduced the blister paks of Rhodiola and Carb Blocker also as part of their First Circle Program.

In September a new line called "Simply Nutrilite" is launching with exciting new health & fitness products with extremely good pricing.

In November some equally exciting Artistry skin care and cosmetics will be launched, also with great pricing.

And even more great news is that shipping will be free starting September 1st for all customer coreline purchases over $75.00. New IBO's, during their first full 3 months in the business, will also receive free shipping for coreline purchases over $75.00.

This is all a direct result of the IBOAI's collaboration with Quixtar.


Tom Morris said...

Great. Free shipping for those non-existant customers!

I don't know about the makeup, but they never really addressed the other prices.

Kunoichi said...

I really love the products. The Artistry make up is some of the best out there. Nutrilite vitamins are the *only* brand I've been able to take that makes a difference for me (I'm a bit of a biological freak, in that pharmaciuticals, etc. tend not to work the way they're supposed to on me),I really like the cleaning products, as well as the personal care products. We've been thrilled with the XS drinks, too.

Having said that, I haven't been able to afford any of the NAO products to even try them, I bought my first piece of Artistry make up in years 2 months ago, and we practically ration our vitamins/supplements because we can't afford to buy more as often as the recommended amounts require. The crazy thing is, we may be broke, but we're a middle to high income family. We just happen to still be recovering from near financial ruin due to an illness in the family, while the housing costs of where we live have skyrocketed in the last 1 1/2 years.

If I have to choose between buying XX and buying groceries, guess what I'm going to buy? I've been able to feed the four of us for a week on the same about of money as 1 box of XX.

My reason for being in the business has been to replace my husband's income so that he doesn't have to work anymore and we can focus on his health problems, some of which are still unidentified. How can I build a business when I can't even buy my own products?

I can understand that there are niche markets for these ultra high end products. Problem is, there's nothing else. No alternatives for the many people like myself who can't afford high end products. We just want ordinary products.

And that means not paying CDN$30 retail for a bag of cat food I can buy for $5 at the grocery store! We got our Options catalog not long ago and the few items that used to be cheaper to buy through Quixtar have increased dramatically. I'm not even talking high end, exclusive stuff, but the same brands as the local grocery carries. Heck, when the convenience store in our apt. block has better prices than our catalog, there's something very wrong.

I WANT to buy these products. I really do. I just can't justify the spending so much more on them when our budget is already tighter than it should be, and it's been getting worse, not better.

rdy4battle said...

Just did a quick comparison on Artistry vs Avon. Avon's prices on mascara and lip color are over 30% less than Artistry at IBO cost. They say most IBO's don't want to compete with discount? Who wants to spend more than they have too?
Also did a check on Nutrilite Daily and they did lower the price. However they also lowered the PV to price ratio from .4678% to .3437% anyone feel good about that? Bottom line is that with all the competition out there (Avon, Beauti-control, Mary Kay, Shaklee, GNC, etc.) if the products are not priced competitively they just won't sell in this economy.

James said...

...Too little,
...too Late,
...Too bad.

Ed Manley said...
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Ed Manley said...
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