Thursday, August 30, 2007

TEAM: Team Product Availability

Team Product Availability

We at the Team office would like to attempt to clear up any of the confusion regarding the latest court orders coming out of Grand Rapids and what impact they have upon tool availability for you, the Independent Business Owner.

The court order specifically allows Quixtar to authorize and de-authorize certain training materials, according to the terms of the contract. The two major areas covered under this stipulation in the contract are "Prospecting Materials" and "IBO Plan Training Materials." Accordingly, you will see some books, CDs, and DVDs on the Special Order Tool list that will not currently be available.

The standing order series CDs and books and DVDs will continue, as will all other Special Order tools that are not covered under the authorization provided for in Quixtar's contract.

As an Independent Business Owner participating in the Team consortium, you can expect that we will continue to provide the same high quality, efficient and timely training you have come to rely upon. Our goal is to support you in the best way possible to help you function the most efficiently and effectively as the owner of your own independent business.


Team Executive Staff

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