Saturday, August 18, 2007

The War Of Words

I was shown how to change the date and time on the posts, so I posted copies (with link where I could get them) of official releases from Quixtar and Team. I have prefixed the subject line with the source (QUIXTAR or TEAM). Gives you an idea of the volume of information released. Most of the Team releases were released mainly to members of Team. I have set the date and time to the best-guess of when each was released.

Now you can go through the history on this site and see how the War of Words has progressed. This does not include the numerous blogs (not official Quixtar blogs).

If anyone has copies of the emails sent from Quixtar or Team that they would feel comfortable sharing, let me know (I don't want personal, one-on-one emails, but bulk statement emails).

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