Friday, August 31, 2007

QUIXTAR: Just gone - Orrin?

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August 31st, 2007…
Just gone - Orrin?

The following comes from a complaint Ron Simmons filed in court in Texas today. Haven’t had time to PDF it yet. The interesting part reads:

“The Woodwards and Bradys at one time operated a business support training business that functions and exists entirely independently from Quixtar, namely TEAM. The Woodwards and Bradys have resigned their positions from TEAM.”

News to us. Anyone else?


Ed Manley said...
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Anonymous said...

Talk about Servant Leadership! They resigned so that they have a stronger court case. They can't be looked at as 'making all their money off the tools.' They have put everything on the line for the new IBO, their reputation, their status, their fortunes, their future. If they stayed in charge of TEAM then any other organization that wanted to join TEAM would get kicked out of Quixtar for following Orrin and Chris. This way, TEAM can grow, and the new IBO isn't at risk from Quixtar. GO ORRIN AND CHRIS!! FIRED UP