Wednesday, August 15, 2007

My Story

I just finished reading the 48 page complaint the "mighty 15" have filed in Los Angeles against Quixtar. It's quite a read. I suggest that if you are following the story, please read the complaint.

I had registered with Amway back in college. A friend of mine, and his whole family, had a bunch of success. His brother was an Emerald (about $100,000/year), his Dad was a Platinum (about $75,000/year). I had known these people growing up and thought that if they could do it, so could I. I didn't know that things were changing.

I noticed that over the years, no one was progressing. It's like we were all struggling and trying our best, but it just wasn't happening. Then Amway announced Quixtar, and we thought that that would solve our problems. Turns out, it didn't. The problems were the pricing. Quixtar was just a distraction. And now, they are changing it back to Amway. I guess another distraction.

So I guess I got in when the prices were still pretty decent, but the competition was starting to get better, in terms of quality and price.

I'm excited to see what Chris and Orrin come up with.

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