Friday, August 24, 2007

QUIXTAR: Order, from the court

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August 24th, 2007…
Order, from the court
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Quixtar and our IBOs won in court today.

Three times.

The court told Orrin Woodward and the other TEAM members that we terminated last week that they cannot ignore contracts.

The court told him that he could not help himself to confidential information from our company and the trade organization that has suspended them.

The court told him that our rules matter.

The court did not find merit in Mr. Woodward’s arguments that rules do not apply to him. And obviously, we could not agree more.

We are happy to stand up for playing by the rules. We are happy to stand up for ethical business dealings. We are proud to stand up for every IBO in the world who believes in those things, too.


Tom Morris said...

From the Article: "We are happy to stand up for ethical business dealings."

Then start enforcing the 10 customer rule. See how long you stay in business after you do that.

Anonymous said...

A FEDERAL judge in Texas granted an injunction against Quixtar. They trump local. Team is still going strong.

North of 49 said...

In the 13th century William Wallace had the hook ripping his guts out. Rather than recant, he stood fast for something honorable. He is remembered for his STAND for what was RIGHT.

QUIXTAR! RECANT before it is too late or it will just be your guts on the ground …nothing more…no heroic fairwells or epitaphs…and none of your disillusioned former supporters will care that you died defending corporate greed.

Ed Manley said...
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