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August 24th, 2007…
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The following is an official press release issued today by Alticor:

Complete defeat for Woodward and other terminated TEAM distributors in Quixtar court battle
Judge says dismissed IBOs cannot use company and trade group info; Quixtar allowed to enforce its rules of conduct

ADA, Mich.—Three Michigan court rulings today left dismissed distributor Orrin Woodward and his Team organization without a single legal victory, as a judge ruled that he and a group of terminated distributors cannot misuse the business information of Quixtar, the company that dismissed them last week.

In ruling on three motions related to the terminations, Judge Paul Sullivan of Kent County Circuit Court took the following actions:

Issued a preliminary injunction preventing Woodward and his company, Team, from using Quixtar business data to recruit Quixtar IBOs as Team builds a competing business;
Issued a second injunction ordering Woodward and other terminated distributors to return confidential documents and data they had taken from their former trade association, which has suspended them; and
Denied an injunction request from others who sought to prevent Quixtar from enforcing its rules of conduct.
“These legal defeats to Orrin Woodward represent a victory for hundreds of thousands of Quixtar independent business owners who are building their businesses the right way, selling quality products and introducing consumers to the Quixtar business opportunity,” said Quixtar Executive Vice President Jim Payne.

Since his termination, Woodward has engaged in a campaign of PR spamming, engaging a class-action law firm and filing numerous duplicative lawsuits around the country. The company said it would defend itself against Woodward’s abuse of the legal system.

“After these defeats, Mr. Woodward’s credibility is down to zero,” said Quixtar spokesman Rob Zeiger. “Woodward has ignored our rules, abused the legal process, defied the court, and misled the people who believed in him.

“We stand by our main point: Terminating Orrin Woodward and ridding Quixtar of his abusive business practices was absolutely the right thing to do.”


A copy of this press release can also be found on PR Newswire.


Tom Morris said...

From the Article: "Since his termination, Woodward has engaged in a campaign of PR spamming"

What? He has been pretty quiet on the whole thing. It's Quixtar that has been spamming.

Yes, this is a defeat, but the Los Angeles case is the really interesting one to watch.

Anonymous said...

I find it interesting that one judge in Kent County (Q/A s back yard)rules rules against the IBO TRO request while 10 other judges around the country sided with the IBO's TROs requests. Things that make you go ..HMMMM!

Anonymous said...

Throughout the ruling the judge states that he is really just permitting the decisions to be made in California and giving an interim decision.

However, I thought that there was also to be a ruling on the Q harrassment of IBO's charge filed last week and won in New Hampshire, Texas and I believe California.
Anybody know anything about that particular case?

Cat said...

Anonymous 2 -- The TRO's against Amway are good. We won those. ALL of them!! TEAM rocks!!