Friday, August 10, 2007

TEAM: CEO News Update

CEO News Update

Further information about what's going on:

The main issue is that, in our opinion, the Quixtar opportunity as a business is not viable. The fundamental principle of a successful business is that you must have a product that people want to buy at a price they are willing to pay. Quixtar's prices are so uncompetitive that our people cannot retail the products.

Second, in our opinion, the changes being implemented by the company, including the name change to Amway, and new product development that doesn't include a significant competitive pricing strategy, mean that the business will become even more difficult for the new person to build.

These facts put us in a moral dilemma. The whole purpose of our action on Thursday was to give people in the field a choice about their own futures.

Meanwhile, the Team continues to operate as a leadership development organization that teaches leadership principles that can be applied to success in family, home, work, church, businesses of all kinds, and any other worthwhile endeavor where people are influenced in a positive direction.

It is important as we proceed further that no one disparages Quixtar, Amway, Alticor, or any of its constituents or employees in any way.

We are very confident about the future because we know that the key to the Internet is Community. Content and Commerce can and will be developed.

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