Friday, August 24, 2007

It's Time To Get Back To Work

I've been kind of holding my breath, waiting for the lawsuits to show direction of what the future will hold for us. I was talking with my mentor, and he pointed out that it could take a very long time to really see what the fall out is from this.

I'd suggest we all have a chat with our mentor about what tweaks we need to do, and then get back to work doing what we do best, building Teams and living Dreams. Let's have fun, make money and make a difference! Don't let this hiccup (I think that is all it will be when all is said and done) slow down your progress.


victora916 said...

Tom Morris,
Chuck always promoted the same plan to acieve our dreams as he had. Then why would we promote Q? So when we show the plan, and I ahve been to two open meetings since then, with what distribution channel do we set them up with? Q or who? I'm ok with TEAM, where do we go after. Kind a quandry...

Tom Morris said...

That is the awesome thing about Team. You always have a mentor. I've spoken with my mentor, and gotten direction for me and my team.

Talk to your mentor (preferably a Turbo 50 or above).