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QBOB vs. SA4400
Tuesday, August 14, 2007
In response to a lot of questions about "stacking" and the customized version of the SA4400 that Team was permitted to use, Todd Krause just posted to Adatudes a very complete statement that should help all of you better understand some of the issues the company has been addressing with Team.
One of the other issues we've been dealing with is positioning of the Quixtar business. As I've stated in Real Quixtar Blog before, one of the biggest issues former IBOs cite when leaving the business is the deception they experienced when prospected. Too many people leave the Quixtar business because they were "conned" into it by IBOs who would find many twisty ways to avoid explaining they were joining Quixtar. Yes, you may also be joining a system, but the system exists (or should) to train one how to do the Quixtar business. And, as I've pointed out here and elsewhere, in this information age it is pretty pointless to deny something that is just a click away on Google. That includes the strong connections between Quixtar and sister-company Amway.

The SA4400 has always been required by Quixtar rules to be provided to prospects when shown the Plan. As of Sept. 1, it's gone. There will be no SA4400 going forward. Instead, we have QBOB -- the Quixtar Business Opportunity Brochure. This is the document IBOs will be required to share with their prospects when discussing the opportunity. It addresses how IBOs make money in this business, it discusses the products they will sell, and it talks about the support they can expect from the company and their IBO organization. It clearly states that you are joining the Quixtar business. And unlike the SA4400 it is not a boring, number-filled, disclosure-laden document that makes prospects' eyes glaze over. Instead, it is colorful, marketing-oriented, and designed to make the Quixtar business opportunity as appealing as possible.
Also, a team is working on a redesign of Quixtar.com and that includes a new Quixtar business opportunity section that mirrors the content found in the QBOB.

The QBOB was created with the intent that IBO organizations could make some slight customizations, particularly the inclusion of their training system's name and logo as well as contact information. For the most part, however, the primary language of the QBOB will be unaltered regardless of the IBO organization. As a result, there will be a more consistent experience on the part of prospects when provided information about the Quixtar business opportunity.

This document was reviewed by IBOAI and their comments were considered in the final version that will be shared in the next few weeks. It is the intent of the company to make these brochures inexpensive for IBOs, at just $2.50 per five-pack. Free brochures are being sent out as we launch the new QBOB era, and going forward all new IBOs will receive a free five-pack after they've registered. Also, each time an IBO sponsors three new IBOs, they will receive another free five-pack in the mail.

Orrin and friends were aware the QBOB was coming, just as they were aware of the company's stance on stacking. They also knew that new money was being added to Quixtar's business incentives, and that new products are being launched starting in September with a retail focus, and that Quixtar would be providing new training to help IBOs sell these products. They also knew about alot of other investments the company is making to help IBOs at all levels in this business be more profitable.

It is because I know these IBOs knew all these things that I am disappointed they made the decision to leave at this time. Yes, Quixtar terminated their contracts, but it was because of the choice they made. When all of these products and programs hit this fall, I think IBOs who remain committed to the company and this business will be glad of the choice they made.

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