Thursday, August 30, 2007


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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Well, as I stated I have been talking to many CWPF's (Close Warm Personal Friends) from behind the walls of Alticor / Quixtar. The information I have been able to gather is really quite telling. I do want to make one thing perfectly clear. The persons I have met with speak very highly of Quixtar as an employer. However, they don't live in a vacuum and know of the current spat with TEAM leaders Woodward and Brady. Everyone I have spoke to are not surprised Quixtar is aggressively defending its position on the matter, but they are surprised at how nasty Q has been. This is where I am getting mixed signals as to what might really be going on. There are three theories currently buzzing around Q. Two of these are parallel in nature and the third is something completely out there. So let focus on what seems to be consistent among my contacts.

The primary focus of rumors, surrounds the Quixtar Legal Department. Some have called this department "rogue." They made it very clear Quixtar Legal is running the show. Legal has a long leash and is using it. Some talked about how legal is flexing its muscles in all areas of Quixtar. Legal clearly is involving itself in areas it has not been very active before. The question no one seems to know is who is driving this and what is the overall reason for this change. This is where things get a bit dicey. Some suggest that there just seems to be a bit too much testosterone in legal. I don't know who the comment was specifically addressed to, I didn't ask at the time and wished I would have followed up with another question. However, knowing that Quixtar attorney Ed Bardelli has been handing much of the litigation against Woodward and Brady, testosterone isn't the problem.

Some feel as though the company is being sabotaged from within. When I tried to clarify these statements all I got was that a lot of "poor" decisions were being made that could have long term consequences to Alticor. Since the conversation was still on Legal I took it as though these were decisions from that department. Now I am not big into conspiracy theories but one person went as far as to implicate Proctor and Gamble in some of the disruptions within the company. This person basically questioned the loyalty of key personal in Quixtar.

There is no doubt a lot of interesting developments exist both inside and outside of the Alticor / Quixtar world. I was very disappointed that not one of my CWPF's could really focus on one bad guy as the driver of the current goings on. Well I should say one bad guy from inside of the corporate Quixtar. There was one name that surfaced from outside the walls but will leave him for now as I really have no idea how credible that is. However, probably the most important thing gleaned from these meetings and conversations was that none of these people believed that the Devos and VanAndle families really knew what was currently happening inside the family business. Could that really be true? I will report back from behind the walls of Quixtar when there is more........


blh said...

You have just said a whole lot of nothing. Why not post facts, instead of rumors and gossip?

Tom Morris said...

I posted earlier the teaser from this site, hoping they would provider more useful information. I, too, was disappointed in the second posting, but because I posted the teaser, I felt obligated to post the rest.

rocket said...

You don't have that big of a company and not understand what is going on in that company.

People who honestly believe the founding families had no idea about any of this are completely out to lunch.

Ever hear of directly speaking?

Ed Manley said...
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