Monday, August 27, 2007

QUIXTAR: IBOAI's Contract with Quixtar

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IBOAI's Contract with Quixtar
[The following addresses the multiple questions and misinformation about the IBOAI's contract with Quixtar.]

Our contract is exactly as it has been since 1994. Negotiations are ongoing as to the contract, which renews every two years. The goal is to make sure that the IBOAI Board, the Corporation and the families continue to partner in the best interest of all IBOs, regardless of their LOS or LOA.


rdy4battle said...

Who cares? In my opinion the board is impotent, they can vote anyway they wish and Q will do what they wish.

North of 49 said...

"continue to partner in the best interest of all IBOs, regardless of their LOS or LOA."

Is that a fact!! So, why has the TEAM situation devolved this far, old toothless ones? Has the board become so detached from reality and those they represent, that it is actually now only believing it's own missives?

In Canada, we put up with this "crap" at the local, provincial(state), federal & international levels but most of us thought that we were affiliated with a supplier with higher standards...fooled again! BUT We're used to it.

Anonymous said...

Contract with the IBOAI... isn't this similar to having a contract for stud services from a castrated horse?

Anonymous said...

I have been an IBO for 4 decades now and have never been a part of TEAM or Orrin Woodward's business. But it doesn't take me long to side with him in this case. For the company to just change the name to "Amway" without even checking with the IBOA or the distributor force is appauling.

And I also don't buy Quixtar's claim that they are trying to "clean things up". If they were truely interested in doing what's right, there are a lot of other groups out there doing a lot worse rules violations than I hear Team doing.

I know of one group which is an Accredited group having regular meetings in my home town that refers to Quixtar as "the OCS" and will never even mention "The Q Word" by name. They cram tools down people's throats. And noone better dare buy a car, a home or change jobs without checking with the almighty upline leader.

Bottom line - Quixtar's goal is to change their name back to Amway and become an Avon type business selling Nutrilite & Artistry at extreme prices. Orrin & Chris sat on the board, worked hard to get them to reconsider. When the company wouldn't, Orrin & Chris wanted to help their IBO's build a legitimate business.

Because Quixtar couldn't stand someone speaking the truth - they have now gone on an all-out assult to tarnish Orrin & Chris' names.

I'm actually considering leaving the business that has been such a big part of my life for over 35 years now.

I sure miss Rich & Jay!!!