Friday, August 17, 2007

QUIXTAR: eMail to all Team Platinums

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Dear Platinum IBO,

We realize this past week has been difficult for your organization and your group. The actions taken by the company were necessary and critical to preserve the legality of this business and the potential it represents for all IBOs. It’s critical that all IBO leaders build this business in compliance with the Rules of Conduct, which are in place for the long-term protection of the Quixtar business for all IBOs. These rules allowed us to take action against those whose actions were intended to cause you harm, including some business leaders in your upline.

As a leader, the Corporation relies on you to abide by Quixtar's Rules of Conduct and to assist in their enforcement. The Team organization has been put on notice that they no longer are an authorized supplier of IBO education and training to Quixtar IBOs. It is important for you to know that the sale, distribution, and/or promotion of any Team-related business support materials (BSMs), including Team-sponsored meetings or functions, to Quixtar IBOs violates the Quixtar Rules of Conduct. Continued sale, distribution, or promotion by Quixtar IBOs of Team BSMs places an IBO at risk of action being taken against their Quixtar business, up to and including termination. We ask that you exercise your responsibility as a leader to make sure that IBOs downline of you also understand this point clearly.

Also, please remember that Quixtar IBOs are prohibited from involvement in another multilevel marketing or direct selling business that sells competing products (Rule 6.5). In fact, you may not participate in another multilevel marketing or direct selling business that sells competing products for a period of six months after your date of resignation or termination (Rule 6.5.4). Further, for a period of two years following resignation or termination, you must not solicit another IBO to join a competing business (Rule 6.5.2).

Quixtar IBOs are bound by provisions in their contract that protect Quixtar’s trade secrets and the businesses of innocent Quixtar IBOs. You must not use confidential Quixtar information, including Line of Sponsorship information, for any purpose other than that authorized by the Corporation (Rule 4.27).

Quixtar is aware that there are Team-related IBOs who do not have an accurate understanding of the Quixtar business. In order to correct business-building practices taught by Team, the Corporation intends to provide training to you and your group, with the goal that all IBOs understand the importance of, among other things, positioning the business properly with prospects and building depth within the Rules.

At this time, we need a signed commitment from you that you intend to continue your business in full compliance with the criteria listed above. Signing this letter in the space provided below signals to us that you are committed to pursuing a Quixtar business within the Rules of Conduct and that you will no longer promote the use of Team BSMs. Please send a copy of this letter bearing your signature via fax to 616/787-4691 by Noon, EST, Monday, August 20, 2007. If we do not hear from you by that time, your business will be suspended by close of business Monday.

Should your business be suspended and you believe that this has occurred in error, you do have access to Quixtar’s Dispute Resolution Process through which you may appeal the suspension.

We hope you will continue to lead your organization as the company makes unprecedented investments in the business, including $60 million in new money in Quixtar Business Incentives. We stand ready to support all IBOs who choose to continue as IBOs and build their businesses in full compliance with the rules and in an open, transparent, and ethical manner.


Gary VanderVen
Director – Global Business Conduct & Rules


Anonymous said...

" an open, transparent, and ethical manner."

Well Mr. VanderVen, I would expect that you and the company you represent do the same.

Anonymous said...

So, Mr. VanderVen, my Platinums and Diamonds have each received and rejected this pack of blatant intimidation and bald-faced lies. When's it my turn???

Oh, yes, that's right, I almost forgot. The Michigan courts are still deciding that one . . .