Friday, August 31, 2007

QUIXTAR: IBO Independence

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IBO Independence
Friday, August 31, 2007 by Todd Krause

Happy Labor Day to everyone out there in the field. Today is not like the Fourth of July where we celebrate the freedoms earned for us more than 200 years ago, but it is a day we can celebrate labor and the freedoms we have to work hard to achieve our goals.

You know, we live in a great country that provides all of us many freedoms. America has become the destination of choice for immigrants from around the world because you are free to worship, free to own land, and free to pursue your passions. The United States and Canada also have laws that their citizens must respect, so we're not completely free, are we? I mean, we're free to live the way we want so long as we obey the laws of our land.

The same is true for the Quixtar business. You are independent and free to build your business your way, provided you do so within the parameters set by your contract with Quixtar including the Quixtar Rules of Conduct. These are not onerous rules, by the way. Really, it's just common sense. If you're doing something that hurts the reputation of our business, it's probably against our rules. If you're doing something that gives you an unfair advantage over other IBOs, it's probably against the rules.

Your independence does allow for you to bring your creativity to your business. It does allow for you to focus on one Quixtar product area over another. It does allow for you to set your own hours. There are no quotas to meet. There is no "boss" to report to daily or weekly. You are in business for yourself, supported by Quixtar. AND, if you choose, supported by other IBOs and their authorized training methodologies. You are not merely a sales representative, because you can focus on sponsoring as much as you want -- provided you do it correctly and that retail selling remains the primary part of your overall balanced business.

You are independent in our business, but there are rules in your contract that are intended to protect everyone and help ensure that the confidence in and integrity of the business continues for generations to come.

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