Wednesday, August 29, 2007

QUIXTAR: Keep it real, keep it civil

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Keep it real, keep it civil
Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Due to all the legal activities going on, we haven't been able to say too much here in the Opportunity Zone lately. There's lots I wish we could talk about, but we certainly wouldn't want to say or do things that hurt our legal position. Check out the Alticor media blog post today for the latest news.
For just over three years now I've been blogging here at the REAL Quixtar Blog. The Opportunity Zone is now six months old, and I've been fascinated by the commentary all of you have generated about this issue and others in this forum. There obviously are many different experiences in our business that color our perceptions of who is right and wrong on all the issues related to our business. I think the more we share our real experiences, the better. I'm not a big fan of people repeatedly posting and reposting comments made by another individual. I'm more interested in what YOU have to say and what YOUR personal experience has been.
I'm also concerned about the increased frequency of people calling each other names in posts they submit to this site (and to Ada-tudes). I try to have a light hand on the reins when moderating comments, but every once in awhile you'll note that I edit a comment or don't post a comment at all because it insults or attacks a person, rather than that person's ideas. That's my biggest advice to anyone commenting here: disagree with ideas or conclusions others have drawn, but don't disrespect each other. I won't post your comment if you call somebody "stupid," an "idiot," or an "outright cowardly liar."
After six months of open blogging here in the Opportunity Zone, I am really proud of the (mostly) civil discourse that has blossomed here. The Team issue has brought many more people into the O'Zone to talk about what's going on, but I hope these same people find enough value in all of the blogs here to come back when we've moved on to tamer topics. Thanks to all of you for making the first six months of the Opportunity Zone so awesome!

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