Tuesday, September 25, 2007

QUIXTAR: IBOAI-Quixtar Contract Renewed

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IBOAI-Quixtar Contract Renewed
September 25, 2007

[When false obituaries appeared about famous writer Mark Twain, he was quoted as saying "The rumors of my death are greatly exaggerated." We could say the same thing about false information regarding the future of the relationship between the IBOAI and Quixtar, and of the IBOAI itself. As proof of that, we are very pleased to bring you the following announcement.]

The IBOAI and the Corporation are excited about the future of the Quixtar business. Over $60 million in new money, free shipping, new, consumer focused products, additional investment in visibility, brand building makes the future bright. Over the past few weeks the IBOAI and the Corporation have talked about a renewed relationship that insures the original spirit of the Board will be met for all IBOs. We are pleased to announce a new contract with the Corporation that extends to November 08. The IBOAI and the Corporation look forward to building on our special relationship.... one that makes our business stronger and better than all the rest.

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Anonymous said...

Well that seals it,
When I resign I am going to ask for my $9.00 back. The IBOIA board has done nothing to bring down the overpriced products of Quixtar.

Anonymous said...

What a Joke. Why does the IBOAI think that publicizing its renewed contract will change anything. I heard an audio a while a go (from another blog) of Rich DeVaus talking about how Amway (back then) is the only company to sponsor the trade union of its distributors ( what is now the IBOAI), and that the Corporation will never do anything unless it has the approval of the IBOAI and visa versa. Renewal of the contract doesn't change the fact that Quixtar is still going back to Amway, and the fact the IBOAI (both the existing members and some of the Mighty 15) UNANIMOUSLY voted NOT to agree with. It sounds like to me that the old IBOAI was a Tyrannosaurus Rex that had teeth (those from the Mighty 15) and those TEETH were replaced with dentures. Now you just have an old Tyrannosaurus, same body but now it just has the image topper, the perfect smile. The IBOAI was set up to protect the new IBO from the one holding the chain, but the chain holder just got a new lap dog!!

Anonymous said...

Any comments on:
Has the corporation reached their senses?

Anonymous said...

Here are my questions that the IBOAI blog refused to publish:

1- What were the nature of the "negotiations"? The IBOAI refused to comment while "negotiations" were in progress. Now that they are finished , what did they "negotiate" on behalf of the rank and file IBOs? (GM and the UAW were very public about their latest negotiations. Can this business be that transparent?)

2- How many of the diamond groups represented on the IBOAI even qualify for the much touted "$60 in new bonus money"? The new bonuses require tool systems to be "accredited" by Amway.

3- Why did Don Held resign from the Board?

(- MichMan)

Anonymous said...

They compared the demise of the IBOAI to the premature reports of Mark Twain's death....however in Mark Twain's time there was no such thing as life support!The way I see it, the IBOAI is only showing a few vital signs, but is basically in a coma. The only reason they have any vital signs at all is because Q decided NOT to pull the plug..but only till November! How secure would that make you feel...to know that you wer'e on life support , Q had their hand on the plug and at any whim...Bye'Bye'??Now there's the basis for a very effective business relationship!!!