Tuesday, October 2, 2007

QUIXTAR: Spaghetti

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October 2nd, 2007…

We were in court today for yet another lawsuit.

And walked away grateful for another win.

This time, TEAM attacked us in McKinney, Texas, with yet another pile of overheated allegations. (We’ll provide document links later, when we are home from the road.)

Now, if you are asking yourself why TEAM – a Michigan-based company with Michigan-based executives – chose to go to Texas to sue Quixtar – a Michigan-based company with Michigan-based executives – well, the judge wondered about that, too.

And then he dismissed the case.

We’ve talked about the legal spam that TEAM has splattered us with across the nation. We’ll talk more later about “forum shopping,” the massively cynical, abusive and wasteful legal tactic that class action lawyers like those representing Orrin Woodward employ.

But that spaghetti doesn’t always stick to the wall, even when D.J. Poyfair is standing in the courtroom watching his team throw. This time, it was refreshing to watch the judge take his time, hear the motion about whether this case had any place in a Texas court – and then deliver a simple answer: No.

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