Tuesday, September 4, 2007

QUIXTAR: Moving Product

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Moving Product
Tuesday, September 04, 2007 by Ray Alexander

It probably goes without saying that Quixtar offers a business opportunity that allows people to have a business of their own based on product sales and sharing the opportunity with others who will do the same. As some have said that Quixtar's products can be difficult to sell, I want to talk a minute to talk about product sales, and what Quixtar is doing to make product sales easier than ever before. This is a good follow-up to previous discussions about the target audience (Not Wal-Mart And Never Want To Be, 8/31).

Quixtar IBOs are obviously adept at selling product, as Quixtar is one of the largest retailers on the web. Quixtar Independent Business Owners (IBOs) generated more than $1.118 billion in product sales at www.quixtar.com in 2006, the fourth consecutive year in which the company surpassed the billion-dollar mark. Quixtar also has been ranked for the past four years by Internet Retailer magazine as the top online retailer in the Health & Beauty (H&B) category, placing 22 nd overall based on web-generated sales.

While Quixtar has experienced great success in selling product, the premium pricing for some products can make it a challenge. Nutrilite® Double X® , for example, is a top-quality multivitamin. It requires some education to help a customer understand its benefits and why it's worth a higher price than a cheaper multivitamin they might be able to pick up at their corner drug store.

The Artistry® Time Defiance Skin Care System, for another example, is not intended to compete with other skin care brands on the basis of the lowest price. It's designed to appeal to those who are knowledgeable about skin care and looking to make an investment in their skin. It may take time and education to help a customer make the decision to purchase.

While we stand behind products that require a higher level of knowledge and commitment on the part of the customer, Quixtar is committed to making it easier than ever for IBOs to sell products. We are focusing efforts on Health, Skin Care, and Gift as areas of retail specialization. We're working to provide everything an IBO needs to sell these products. This starts with products consumers want to buy, includes merchandising resources and training that help IBOs attract customers, and is supported with integrated consumer programs, events, and advertising.

To support these retailing initiatives, in 2007 we are launching a number of new products and newly packaged and priced versions of existing products, such as:
· The new Nutrilite Daily Multivitamin 90-day supply (as opposed to the 180-day supply). At just 12.5 cents a day, customers can easily compare Daily to popular competitors, while still getting the natural plant benefits that set Nutrilite apart.
· The new Nutrilite ClearGuard™. Helps balance histamine production, and a clinical study found it helped to support clear noses in three days or less. Rhodiola and Carb Blocker in new Blister Pack packaging to make it easier to start a selling conversation.
· Sampler packs for ClearGuard and Protein Bars to help IBOs attract potential customers with attention-grabbing products that are highly experiential.
· Inexpensive Artistry lip and hand products that support "Purse-to-Purse" selling.
· Simply Nutrilite, an integrated line of natural, nutrient-rich snacks and drinks, launched on September 1, 2007.
· Artistry Essentials, a new simplified line of skin care and cosmetics launching in November 2007. The products are specifically designed to meet the needs of today's woman who wants to care for her skin and enhance her natural beauty, yet doesn't have the time, expertise or patience for overly complex products and routines.

In addition to supporting IBO retailing efforts with product initiatives and merchandising support, we are also rewarding and encourage retail sales like never before. New IBOs can receive free shipping on orders of selected products over $75 and the opportunity to earn $50 each month for their first full three months in the business. The $50 is earned by generating 150 PV each month, including at least 50 PV from retail sales to non-IBOs. Additionally, to reinforce the value of customer sales Quixtar is offering a PV uplift and free shipping for non-IBO customer orders of selected products over $75.

I think it is obvious ... there is a lot happening within Quixtar, and selling product is getting easier every day.


Anonymous said...

What? Are you kidding me!?
Bottom line - Wholesale prices that they offer are still well above retail prices! My dog food costs 318% more than I would buy it retail somewhere else! And that's their wholesale price! This is a joke!

Anonymous said...

It appears that Quixtar/Access Business Group is doing more than just helping IBO's move product.


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Access Business Group produces hundreds of skin care and pigment shaded products - production so varied that our set-up crew handles more than 250 changeovers each month. By combining computerized and manual color matching technologies, Access Business Group can precisely formulate your products to meet demanding color standards. Three 1,500-gallon custom-designed vacuum mixing vessels are used to process high viscosity products.

More than 50 machines on 13 cosmetics packaging lines systematically fill a variety of bottles, jars, tubes and trays. At Access Business Group's cosmetics plant, you'll find three single-head and two twin-head IWKA® tube fillers, Shibuya® "Flexible Puck" line, Kugler dual process filler for high and low viscosity products, Liquid Hot fill, Weckerle® automated rotary lipstick packaging equipment, Mateer® loose powder filler and three pressed-powder filling rooms.
Cosmetics Highlights:

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Produce your catalogs, publications and marketing materials using the pre-print and print production services at Access Business Group.

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Our focus

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Is it possible that while claiming that the IBO cannot have other interests and cannot compete with Quixtar or its affiliates that they can in fact compete any and every way they want to?

Is this fair?
Is it honrable?
Is this unfair business practices?
Competing with your very own business owners?

You decide where the integrity in this issue is.

Quixtar says it is protecting ALL IBO's. How can they say such a thing when they are in fact COMPETING against ALL IBO'S?

Anonymous said...

Quixtar has immensly helped my product sales by giving me false customers. Way to go. I see your character and integrity is as full as a classroom in the middle of summer.

Q'Reilly said...

IBOs BOUGHT over a BILLON dollars worth of your overpriced products in order to qualify for bonuses! State the facts. By your own admission, only 3.4% of that volume was marked as RETAIL sales. The products are being consumed by the network.
Check this out...I got started as an IBO and bought this #2 pencil for $15. I know, I know. You can get it at the store for .15 cents, but let's not talk about that. If you get started as an IBO, and buy a $15 pencil for yourself, and then convince a bunch of other saps to do the same, you can get rich!
Most logical people would think that sounds like a pyramid...cause it is! The big Q would say that "the quality of that pencil should make it very easy to sell to your freinds and family...in fact...if you are having problems selling, maybe you need us to do some sales training for you...stay tuned we are lining that up."

go here for more TRUTH :

Jessman said...

Ditto :) to everything said (I should be careful using that word the Altihore/Quixtarfish/Scamway) people own that word like they own me!
Here are a couple more thoughts. $1.1 billion is inflated, if they had to post what was actually paid for the products its more like $800 mill. I believe by April because they won't be on track to do $1.1 billion again in '08 this will be what happens. The new spinster they just hired or Jimimus Painumus in my glutimus maximus will come out in April or May and say "We have made unprecedented (they love that word) progress in launching SCAMWAY global, and feel, along with the month to month (pay no attention to the gun pointed at my head) IBOAI board that now is the time to fold Quixtarfish and move ahead into the unlimited future of SCAMWAY Global.
I'd put money on that in VEGAS.