Tuesday, September 18, 2007

TEAM: Opens Cancelled

As you all know, the Team business has been transitioning from servicing primarily Quixtar distributors. As many of you can attest, Team materials add value to a person's life, whether it is in their home, work, church, scholastic or professional life. For a short period of time beginning today Team has decided to refrain from hosting any Open meetings.

We are enthusiastic and excited about the future. We all should continue to do our best to make a difference in people’s lives.


Anonymous said...

Now that this has happened I am nervous about the major function in Kentucky. My family is on a very limited income and the truth is that we still don't know where the money is going to come from for the function in Louisville. We are afraid to purchace airline tickets now because we don't know how be sure that we won't lose our money. Can someone with accurate information please fill me in on some facts. I am about 100% melloncally and I need some facts. Please help.

Canadian IBO said...

anonymous said:

Don't take this the wrong way, please. I certainly believe in your leaders teachings and have nothing against personal and professional development. If you are a very limited income and still don't know where the money is going to come from for your function plus the airline tickets. My advice is DON'T GO. It is obvious you are not a profitable business owner. Start treating your BIZZNESS (I think C Brady calls it that) like a business!!!
I treat my business like a business - PRODUCT, NETWORKING, then PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT-----not PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT, NETWORKING AND THEN PRODUCT...Hope you are well and will make the right choice.

Paulie22 said...

I am almost 100% sure from the promotions going on at the Seminars that the major function is still going on. If you need help with your income to purchase airline tickets I would discuss this issue with your mentor. Also if it just comes down to a choice of whether or not this is a good investment, I would listen to "The Reward is worth the Investment" by Orrin Woodward.

Oh and I hope this excites you but from the way things are headed with the courts and the TEAM training system I would not want to miss anything in Kentucky about what is going to happen over the next 6-12 months.

Paulie22 said...

Sorry the correct title is "The Results are Worth the Investment" and you can find it in the Top 50 Pack.

Anonymous said...

Please do not consider advise from any forum. Utilize the forums to post comments, to seek advice here would not be advised by your upline. Trust in them as they certainly have trust in you.

In reference to 'canadian ibo' I believe as our system teaches, personal growth should be the top priority! how is one able to have a successful product business unless you obtain people skills first. The same goes for building the business, if you don't have the training upfront of how to even do the business, you'd be out running a muck with no direction. The system provides it all! But, this is simply my view. Consult your upline first and foremost before making any decisions.

Anonymous said...

TO Melancholy,

You must council with your upline turbo!

We do not council cross-line and since we don't know which line your are in, you must council with people that specifically know YOUR situation and the business situation!

But before counciling a suggestion if I may: 1) draw out your income and expenses for the next month. 2) Draw out at least 6 options on how you COULD get the money. 3) Call your upline Turbo and schedule a time to go over it so that you can make a good decision for you, your family and your future (and that of your TEAM)!

Anonymous said...

Amen! Don't take forum or blog "council", you might end up selling Avon, vacuums, or yesterday's "widget" door-to-door... :)
You have a support team, use it!

Anonymous said...
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