Sunday, September 9, 2007


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Sunday, September 9, 2007

As many of you know already Larry VanBuskirk, Jeff Granger, and Matt Abraham resigned from Quixtar last week. In the last twenty-four hours I have also heard that Joe Darkangelo, Mike Jones, Tom Cullen, Joe Gregorski, and Mike Gowen have also resigned. It sounds as though the roof is caving in on Quixtar. I am sure these resignations will pave the way for a mass exodus. All of the above leaders are very well respected and their departure is sure to influence others to follow suit.

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Independence day said...

September 15, 2007

Customer Support (58C-2A)
Quixtar Inc.
7575 Fulton Street East
Ada, MI 49355
Fax # 1-800-253-4673

Kathryn Vincent (or Whom It May Concern):

Effective today, September 15, 2007, We, Felmar and Sandra Montenegro IBO#0790673, hereby terminate our association with Quixtar. For many many reasons, Quixtar-Amway-Alticor has caused me to doubt its legitimacy, its leadership, and its intentions toward business owners such as myself.

My resignation is made pursuant to Quixtar's Rules of Conduct:3.11. Resignation: An IBO may resign his or her IB at any time by appropriately communicating to the Corporation and sending a copy of such communication to his or her Sponsor or firstupline IBO who has attained a higher award level, such as Platinum, Ruby, etc.


Felmar Montenegro and Sandra Montenegro

cc: Luis and Miriam Ramirez, Upline Platinum
Curtis and Debbie Spolar, Upline Diamond or above.