Tuesday, September 25, 2007

QUIXTAR: Don Wilson and Randy Haugen pull out of California Suite

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September roster changes
September 25th, 2007

We received word today that former Quixtar IBOs Don Wilson and Randy Haugen have asked the court to dismiss their claims against Quixtar in “the California case,” Woodward v. Quixtar. This does not end the case — but it does end Wilson’s and Haugen’s participation in it. Neither they nor their lawyers have yet offered any official explanation for why they backed away.

Earlier, we noted that court filings declared that Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady had resigned from TEAM… though a different court document contended Brady wasn’t employed by TEAM in the first place.

We’re certainly not the ones to explain to you what is happening with the lineup card of the other side in this case, or why. On this side, we can tell you that we are as focused as we have ever been on helping IBOs continue to build strong Quixtar businesses, launching terrific new products, and selling them to customers across North America.


Anonymous said...

Does anyone know why the pullout? I can only think of a few options:
1. Quixtar has negotiated a few changes, such as giving us the choice on quixtar or future amway, agreed to make some other changes and allowed Don Wilson and Randy Haugen's groups to be restored - unterminated.
2. Legacy and Team are splitting. With this less than a month from a major, the timing wouldn't be the best. Most people already have tickets, airlines, etc.
3. If #2 is correct, Legacy could either go a different direction, and stay away from Quixtar in the future, or go back to Quixtar if there were some changes there.
4. Randy and Don decided they didn't want to stay with the lawsuit because it wont do anything. I doubt they would abandon Team's lawsuit for #4.

I saw this last night. No reason why in 16 hrs? I have seen technical movement in a couple of Legacy and related websites, but no news. No emails, and as of last night, no information upline.

Augustus Smash said...

“There is no sadder sight than a young pessimist.” - Mark Twain

“What seems to us as bitter trials are often blessings in disguise”- Oscar Wilde

Think bigger and brighter my friend!

Anonymous said...

From Ron on the freeibo:

Anonymous said...

Link didn't work
for Ron's post..

Good evening ladies and gentlemen. No doubt that you have seen the Alticor Media Blog post that Don Wilson and Randy Haugen have removed themselves from the California case. Below is a joint statement that I have been authorized to release on their behalf as they both remain good friends of mine.

Effective September 25 both Don Wilson and Randy Haugen chose to voluntarily dismiss themselves from the Woodward et al vs. Quixtar et al lawsuit filed in Federal District Court in Los Angeles, California.

The removals were without prejudice and for technical reasons related to another matter not affiliated with Team.

Both Randy and Don are very disappointed that the dispute between themselves, along with others, and Quixtar, which includes people on staff at Quixtar with whom they worked and respected for so many years has deteriorated to the level that exists today. The continuing action does not have the characteristics of a win/win scenario, which is our goal.

On August 9th several key IBO leaders, including Randy, attended a face to face meeting with representatives of Amway/Quixtar, with whom they have known and worked with for years. The purpose of this meeting was to discuss why these business leaders could not move forward with the Amway business transformation and to discuss how all parties would conduct themselves in light of these events.

This remains their goal today. Define the contractual obligations owed to Quixtar in a reasonable manner, meet those obligations and see what life brings them in the future. That is it --no more complicated than that.

Our plea to Amway/Quixtar is to discuss an amicable resolution of this dispute.

Ron Simmons on behalf of and with approval from Don Wilson and Randy Haugen.
September 26, 2007

I truly hope that all of you are doing well as we sail through one of the storms of life. I was telling someone today that they need to make sure that they remember everything that happens in this situation - especially for those that this is their first big business legal battle. Burn everything in to your memory because when something like this happens again (the facts and the business may be totally different than in today's situation) what you learn in this situation will allow you to be exponentially more effective in navigating the next storm. The sun always shines after a storm and the sun will be out soon! Regards, Ron

IBOFightback - Fighting the Amway Myths said...

Perhaps they knew the case was over when the judge sent it to arbitration?

brenthansen said...

How do you know this case went to arbitration, where did you get this information?