Monday, September 3, 2007

SAVEUSDICKDEVOS: Sales and Ownership

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Monday, September 3, 2007
Sales and Ownership

We are worried Mr. DeVos. There are thousands of IBOs across North America who are reading very disturbing things regarding this dust up with the Team. Good people, who trusted your good name implicitly, are beginning to find shards of buried stories here and there which prick our consciousness and cause us distress.

For instance, there are many posts which claim that Quixtar itself has stated that only 3.4% of their total sales are retail sales when the FTC rule is that 10% of total sales must be retailed, or there may be cause to rule the business an illegal pyramid. Please tell us 3.4% is not true! Come out with a public statement and quash these rumors! Each day you delay erodes what little trust remains.

Almost half of the IBOAI board resigned. Then, those remaining sued those that left to keep the information about sales quiet. If there was nothing to hide, why would they do that?

My family and I depend on my Quixtar income. Mr. DeVos, please assure me that it is safe!

Mr. VanderVen, why don't you simply enforce the rules you promulgated to ensure compliance? Why haven't you done that? The longer this PR nightmare goes on, the more it seems to us that the Company and the IBOAI board are trying to bury these Team people to cover up what's really been happening.

If what these Team people are saying is not true, then why is the company so defensive and belligerent? Why not just tell us the truth? Lay out the numbers and the Team leaders will look ridiculous.

And the matter of "owning the IBOs" is particularly galling. Your attorney said: "Bottom line, Judge, there’s irreparable harm here. This is a huge downline organization. And it’s being plundered. It’s Quixtar’s property."

And, your attorney said the Line of Sponsorship is also Quixtar's property; somehow confidential and proprietary.

“We’re here today to protect the line of sponsorship information, the confidential and proprietary line of sponsorship information that’s Quixtar’s.”

“ . . . the data management rule . . . it’s the information compiled by the company that discloses or relates to all or part of the specific arrangement of sponsorship within the Quixtar business, including without limitation IBO lists, sponsorship trees, and all IBO or IB information generated therefrom. This constitutes Quixtar’s proprietary information, your Honor, and this is very important information, because this is basically the heart and soul of Quixtar’s business.”


Contrast that with what your dad said a few years ago in "Success" magazine:

"He [an Amway distributor] owns his own business. It's part of the estate that he'll pass on to his children. It includes a network of thousands that produces an income whether he's dead or alive. That drives his motivation to succeed." - Rich DeVos

Has something changed Mr. DeVos? I thought I owned my business, and so do thousands of other IBOs. I believed your dad! I thought my business included a network of people that I have laboured over many years to build - just like your dad said. Your executives and your attorneys did not build that network. I did. If something has changed, don't you think you owe us an announcement or an explanation? Your new "Rules of Conduct" seem stifling and draconian. Please elucidate. Do you own us or not?

Mr. DeVos, Mr. VanAndel, only you and your families can assure us now. Please, please, do so quickly. We are depending on your candor and your honor! As William Shakespeare said, "No legacy is so rich as honesty."

Posted by S. Adams at 11:06 AM


Amway and Quixtar - an opportunity for anyone said...

Can anyone point to this 10% "FTC rule"?

I've been researching MLM and A/Q for a decade and have never seen any evidence of this

Dave said...

how does an IBO pass along his income to his children?

I tried to give my business to my daughter who is/soon to be was an IBO.

The corporation said I had to offer to sell it to my sponsor first and if he refused the purchase then and only then can I "sell" what I considered mine and willable to my children my business.

I would gather that after spending 10 years I would have something to show for it.

I resigned and have since moved on!!

What will it be like when you assign that willable income that propagate in the plan has to be purchased upon your death?? Maybe I misunderstand it...

But with all the rulings being passed and portrayed behind the scenes, you'd think people would start heading for the hills.

I know there are reasons for guidlines, but I was in free enterprise.... Wasn't I?

Wonder if you sell energy drinks in heaven if they take out a case against you?

Last item. Why is the primary jest of the non-compete rule listed as rule 6.6.6 ?