Tuesday, September 18, 2007

QUIXTAR: Business Cancellation Confirmation


The Corporation has received your correspondence requesting the cancellation of your business. We are sorry to learn of your request. The purpose of this letter is to confirm that your independent business has been deleted from our files.

It is unfortunate that you have chosen to discontinue your Quixtar business. We are excited about all the future holds for us and we regret that you have decided not to be a part of it. This confirms we have received and accept your resignation from Quixtar effective immediately. We would like to take this opportunity to remind you of your surviving legal obligations under the Quixtar IBO Rules of Conduct, including but not limited to, Rule 6.5 that prohibits IBOs from engaging in a competing enterprise for six months from the effective date of your resignation. Further, your contract prohibits you from soliciting for two years Quixtar IBOs for another competitive business as defined within Rule 6.5. You are also prohibited from using Quixtar's proprietary LOS information under Rule 4.27 at any time for any purpose other than the Quixtar business. In the future, if you decide to establish a new independent business, it should be understood that the Six-Month Inactivity Rule and two year provision of the Six-Month Inactivity Rule apply, as defined in Rule 6.4.

Although we regret losing you, we do wish you the very best in all your future endeavors, whatever they may be.

Best regards,

Karen Pennington
Quixtar Rules Administration
Ph (616)-787-7266
Fax (616)-787-7896


Tom Morris said...

"Free at last! Free at last! Thank God almighty, we are free at last!"

March 18, 2008!

Freedom said...

I wonder what happens to the 6 month rule when Amway goes out of biz in 3 months...yea i know it won't happen in 6 months but this 2 year thing, amway won't be arond for that one...

Anonymous said...

I Am Spartacus

Anonymous said...

NO!!!--I am Spartacus

Paulie22 said...


We live and die together.

Cat said...

We haven't gotten our letter, but our number doesn't work any more. And when I called the company about returning unwanted product, they said we were history with them.

We are FREE!!!!!

North of 49 said...

On the 18th, my e-mail resignation went in, followed by a registered mail hard-copy on the 19th. My "Declaration of Independance" was signed by both of us. Now I am excited about re-engaging with the people on my list that I was hesitant to contact for the last 6 month, due to my own shrinking belief in the products & services I was representing. With those, still on that list, I have lost NO credibility.