Monday, September 10, 2007

TEAM: Financial common sense causes me to wonder

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Financial common sense causes me to wonder
Monday, September 10, 2007

It all started with a dream. I wanted a better lifestyle for my family. I wanted more options. I wanted to own a business. I wanted a business that I could build to create an extra income for my family. I thought a Quixtar business would be a great one to start. I liked the idea of a business that capitalized on the hottest trends out there: the Internet and distribution. It seemed like a logical business decision at the time. What I didn't factor in was how difficult it was going to be to utilize my own business. I needed a second job just to buy the products from my business that was supposed to be making me money.
That confused me. Why such high prices? In a Wal-Mart world of low prices, why is Quixtar charging such high prices. My confusion led me right to my local Super Wal-Mart for some comparison shopping. I chose Wal-Mart for a few reasons. 1. It's where I shop because common sense says go where the best price is. 2. The Wal-Mart corporation has generated billions of dollars offering low prices every day. (In fact, not too long ago they were the largest corporation in the WORLD!)
Wal-Mart's success makes it very clear that low prices do NOT mean low profit. So what do high prices mean? Products that are so overpriced that no one wants to buy them.

So, let's compare prices. Wal-Mart VS. Quixtar. Apples to Apples......I think you will be shocked at what I found.


Meadowbrook Gold (heavy duty)
$5.00 (pre-set charge)
$6.75 (delivery charge)
_______ _______
$43.03 total ibo cost

Kleenex Viva (winner 2007 Chef's Best Award)
930 sheets
$17.80 total


Shop at Wal-Mart and buy 2 cases of Kleenex Viva for the price of 1 case of Meadowbrook at Quixtar!!!!!!
10 extra rolls of paper towel and Take the kids for ice cream on your way home with the extra $7.43!

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