Wednesday, September 12, 2007


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Wednesday, September 12, 2007
Every man has his critics. There may be no truer statement. Whether it be your co-workers, your spouse, mother-in-law, or brother-in-law. The world is full of critics. The only difference is their motivation. We have all heard that many of these people want you to succeed just not by them. Maybe this explains some of the sour grapes many people in the industry have displayed at Orrin Woodward and the success of TEAM.

People within Orrin's peer group have observed a man of character in action, a man that is the same behind closed doors, at IBOAI board meetings, and in front of his TEAM. It is no surprise that we find the entire AMWAY world at a crossroads. Leaders make things like that happen. If one man refuses the status quo, refuses business as usual and begins a walk toward truth and fairness, sides have to chosen. This explains why so many other men of character have stood themselves to decry the moral deficiencies in Amway / Quixtar's current business operations. It also explains why Orrin is the lightening rod for criticism from both Alticor and its old school fat cats who long ago quit caring about the dreams of others.

The TEAM is the direct result of Orrin setting standards much higher for himself than that which he observed on the way to having a large organization. TEAM's transparency in regards to its tool business as well as its financial application is unrivaled in the industry. This was certainly not what Orrin encountered. I won't get into much detail here, but even in the early days of TEAM profit sharing, before the current complex mathematical formulations, TEAM profit sharing paid the same for a 100 tape of the week that Orrin got for a 1000 tape of the week when he went diamond. Orrin's willingness be fair, and to help as many people succeed as possible, would provide for greater influence in a greater number of lives. This has always been Orrin's goal, to serve God, and lead people to truth. The business is just a tool to serve that purpose.

In the fall of 2005, Orrin was a new IBOAI board member. At this time he wrote a letter to Doug Devos in regards to many issues facing the Quixtar business. Pricing was the chief concern because in Orrin's view it manifested itself in so many other ways including success for the new person, retention, and business stability. One of the other big issues was the excessive margins of Alticor products. The margins at that time were 17% while Walmart used a margin of 3%. As a new board member this was the first time he had seen this information. In the letter to Doug Devos, Orrin wrote that he was "shocked" by it.

Orrin once again found himself the new guy in the board room. Once again Orrin had a different idea of what was right. I remind you that this was 2005. Orrin has steadily worked on pricing issues with Quixtar since that time. Quixtar repeatedly told Orrin that they we working on it. There have been no significant changes. I have attached a link to Orrin's affidavit filed in the California case. It is a PDF file which is complete with exhibits. Orrin's letter to Doug Devos is exhibit B and on pages 24-28 of the affidavit. I would urge you to read entire document, it really speaks for itself. Orrin deserves accolades for holding the line and demanding accountability but all he wants is freedom for those who want it themselves.

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