Thursday, September 13, 2007

What do we use now?

Those who have resigned their IBO # (or are about to) what do we get now?

I've been using Amway/Quixtar products since 1996. What are the comparable items out there? What will you be replacing, and what will you be replacing it with?


DLSChicago said...

My top five:
1. Dawn (love it especially the foam kind) 2. Sears powder detergent (250 loads for 19.99 on sale right now)
3. Downey Fabric Softener(nothing beats it)
4. Crest Toothpaste w/ whitener..hated Gleam!
5. Diet Pepsi (for now)

Three I will miss:
1. Garbage Bags (loved the blue draw string ones)
2. XS (sniff sniff- but it was getting more and more outpriced every day)
3. Wrinkle Rid (ordered extra)

Anonymous said...

The last time I used something other than SA8 was 16 years ago, and it was Sears. I have been looking at Method laundry detergent. It has a good reputation, is concentrated, cost is OK. I think you can get it a places like Target. Any chance we can buy these guys out?

Anonymous said...

I have been looking at GNC for vitamins. Companies like them and Barns and Nobel will let any group set up partner stores, make money buy moving products, etc.

I don't think you can get Method Laundry Detergent from Target. It is available online and as some stores.

It has almost as good reviews as SA8, and the best of anything that isn't P&G. (not that P&G is bad :) )

Anonymous said...

I too have been using SA8 for about 15 years and am not really excited about changing, but have been actively looking for something comparable. I found an organic concentrated HE detergent (and other cleaning products) on Their recommendations for the laundry detergent is 2 oz per load, and right now they have a 300oz bottle with dispenser for $23.99 (plus $5 shipping). That's over 2 gallons!

Cat said...

"Consumer Reports" magazine did a comparison of laundry detergents a while back. While SA8 got high marks, Gain got ones almost as high, and got a better rating because the price was at least 1/2 of SA8's. We are switching to that and buying it and other soap/softener stuff at Sam's Club.
I need special skin care for allergies and will be likely using Prescriptives, available at finer department stores. For makeup, Palladio at beauty supply stores is all natural and inexpensive.
I have delicate hair. My stylist recommends Biolage or Redken for my hair, and says I can get either of them at a beauty supply store. My family will get Pert Plus from Sam's Club. For body wash, I found a nice all natural brand at the beauty supply store for 1/3 the price of Artistry. The family will get something from Sam's Club, though my husband has been raiding mine already.
Garbage bags and such I will get from Sam's Club. My cats are already eating Meow Mix from there and liking it. I forgot how heavy it was to haul home!
In place of XS, I will drink Chai made from teabags, fat free half and half and Splenda, and my husband will have coffee.
We are looking at the all natural lines of vitamins at GNC. For food bars, the Zone and Balance bars at Sam's Club are a good value. They can also be purchased almost everywhere else.
For toothpaste, I will go back to Sensodyne, maybe the whitening. I will get Crest or something from Sam's Club for the family. Mouthwash will be Listerine.

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AndrewNZachsDad said...


I can appreciate you passing on the info about Market America, but I would caution you about "pushing" it too much on these blogs. Most of the people wondering what to use in place of the AmQuixTicore products we have been using faithfully for many years are in this position because they trust that their leadership has the right idea. These people are either in the TEAM organization directly or have been part of groups which tied into TEAM's system recently. That being said, the majority of these people are likely to involve themselves in whatever new venture that leadership promotes. With this in mind, people may be interested in purchasing from Market America, but they are not likely to want to do any "homework" to investigate the opportunity unless their leadership go in that direction.
In other words, thanks for suggesting that site, but please don't push the opportunity you offer. We trust our leaders to lead us to a great opportunity, as they have led us so well thus far.

DISCLAIMER: For any AmQuixTicore representatives or proxies lurking about, any reference I make of people following the TEAM leadership or that of any group currently working with TEAM is made with the inference that everyone doing so is doing so of their own choice and is not being solicited to do so by said leadership. Respectfully, stick that in your non-compete, non-solicitation clauses.

Many thanks,

Ed Manley said...

I respect that! But, if you read your bible, even Paul was saying in
Acts 17:11
Now the Bereans were of more noble character than the Thessalonians, for they received the message with great eagerness and examined the Scriptures every day to see if what Paul said was true.
Even Paul respected those in the flock to make sure what was being taught.
I have been where everyone of you are at. I am not trying to push anything on anybody. I grew up in and around Amway. When I was a teenager in the 70's, my entire teen years consisted of of a Daimond that mentored me as a teen. I had contracts with the Montgomery Civic Center for 55 gal barrels of Floor sealer and mop-mate before I was 18. My favorite product was the cinnomon breath spray. Use to sell cases of that stuff to my classmates. Joined the 1st time in 1980. Did fair. But Girls distracted me.
Anyway, I'm sorry! I just know what everyone of you are going through. I am already in contact with TEAM corporate. They already have the Executive Vice presidents phone number. It really is in their hands as you say.
Ask your self this question?? If someone is preaching to you, would you not need to read the passages they were preaching from to make sure they were on track??
I apologize! I don't need to recruit anyone. This one don't funtion as much on recruitment.
I just get passionate when people are in need, but don't do ther homework.
Isn't that part of the reason we are in IRAQ,would you not agree!The president and all the kings people did not do their due diligence??
Please accept my apology and I shall SAY NO MORE! It is in your leaders Hands!!
May God Bless Everyone of you in what ever YOUR LEADERS CHOOSE.
My last blog!!!! Amen (lol)

Real Quick Ending! I have all the TEAM books and CD's and have enjoyed every minute of them. I love the training that Team has been teaching. Businesses can not funtion without training leaders.
Their System is so close to what we have been teaching since 1995 that it is uncanny. Good Luck!!

ajh said...

If you are lucky enough to have a Trader Joes in you area they have excellent food bars. I like them better than what was previously available to me.

Anonymous said...

It's amazing....I thought I had been having trouble with my dishwasher leaving a white film all over my glasses for the past 8-9 months. but then I quit handing out the Dish drops DW tabs for about 6 months because my dishes weren't coming clean and I had some people tell me they didn't like it. It used to work real well, but now I think they must have changed the formula. I just bought Electrosol Gel Tabs and I couldn't believe how crystal clear my glasses were and how squeeky clean my dishes are now. I took all the other out of my cabinet and washed them all over again. But the DW tabs used to work good. I've noticed the same film being left in my washer by the SA8 powder and my husband started mentioning a few months ago that his clothes weren't as clean. I thought it was something I was doing. Has anyone else noticed any changes in the product from when you first started using it? I'm wondering if they started skimping on the ingredients that made it work.

Anonymous said...

I have never had trouble with SA8 plus premium or SA8 Bioquest..
I have not tried the new SA8 Bioquest Premium. I thought that was just going to be a name change.

I have had trouble with the dishwashing soap for 16 years. I have hardwater. My dishwasher is now over 20 years old. I did have a customer run out of dishwasher soap and use some store brand, and had white stuff all over her dishes, which she wasn't getting from the Corporation product.

Anonymous said...

I also would like to know what to use when it comes to laundry soap, vitamins, scrub buds, and some of the others. As far as facial cleanser goes I feel fairly comfortable with Clinique and I think that I will try some of the mineral make up for now. I just have a hard time using such harsh chemicals around my house now that I am so used to things like SA8 and LOC. I am also hoping someone knows of something that is camparable to clearguard. My husband has horrible allergies and that is the first thing he has found that he feels comfortable taking and also works well.

Anonymous said...

It is unbelievable that someone would try to push their own MLM to TEAM members and quote Bible verses in the same breath.
First, if TEAM members join an MLM, it will be after the non-compete is followed and ONLY with the TEAM leaders.
Don't even try to push another MLM and think you will be considered to have any character.
As for vitamins... A line called "Genesis" was the lie I used to sell in a fitness center because I could not sell Double-X. You can get them at GNC.
Soap... well.. I only use liquids in my washer to limit the residue; I suggest a little "shopping" and comparing to see what you like for smell and softness.
And for energy drinks, as sad as it may be, I hope there is no good 2nd to XS until the non-compete allows us to have our own better one :)

Anonymous said...

Until you have somewher to purchase your products, checkout We carry a large line of extremly concentrated cleaners called SNAP. Our laundry cleaner only takes one ounce per load. We have a fabric softner that is about the size of a large salt shaker. retail $9.25 for up to a thousand loads. That comes out to about 2 cents per use. Is that cost effective?
The laudry soap is $10.50 for 40 oz. That comes out to .26 cents per load. The Snap all-purpose is 32 oz, you can make about 300 bottles of window cleaner that I will put up against windex!!
It only cost 10.50.
Now I will have to tell you, other than the laundry cleaner, you don't have to purchase much cleaner every year. We purchase a fabric softner and put a date on it a year ago, and still have a little left. I just reordered .

Six Year Amway Veteran said...

Some of us really do CARE! And truly understand, because we have been where your at. We wish you all the success, each one of you deserve after such passion was put into Q!! Nothing more! been There, Done That!! Money isn't everything in this world!
But Finding A Real Business That works, HELPS!

Canadian IBO said...

I was talking to a member of TEAM, here in Ontario Canada this weekend and he says they are waiting for the new line of energy drink to be launched in October....
I asked if he thought they could make it work with just product line and he said we will probably have to double or triple S.T.E.P..
I wished him luck and who knows TEAM probably can. If Rich and Jay could do it with one product in 1959 (LOC)and then nutrilite, they probably will be successful.....Don't get me wrong I admire Orrin and TEAM...

Canadian IBO said...

Further to last post:

Sorry for grammar error. That should read just one product line. My apoligies.

Geary said...

success4utoo -

Please quit trolling for business! You have worn out your welcome here - and are pretty slow on taking the hint to boot!!!

What part of we will follow Team leadership is hard to understand - thanks BUT NO THANKS!!!