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TEAM: Goose...Gander...

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Thought this was a great post I found out in the blogosphere...I added my thoughts in red...

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from Promises To Keep by Charles Paul Conn
"Van Andel and Devos (Woodward and Brady) were doing very well through the 1950's (early 2000's), however the condition of Nutrilite Products (Amway/Quixtar) as a corporation was deteriorating. A long period of internal warfare in the home office in California (Ada, MI) left the company weakened and in considerable disarray. Distributors like Devos and VanAndel (Woodward and Brady) were concerned about the lack of strong corporate leadership, and tried to intervene to help solve problems, but nothing worked. It became more and more difficult for Nutrilite distributors (IBO's) to operate effectively, and the growth of their business slowed."

"The two partners finally decided that Nutrilites (Amway/Quixtar) corporate problems were such that it could no longer be depended on to provide leadership. Their primary obligation, they felt, was to the groups of distributors whom they have brought into THEIR business. They had a commitment to these people, many of whom had left their jobs to build full time businesses, and sold them on a vision on a free and prosperous future. Those promises were not to be taken lightly, they had very little choice. (AMEN...Ditto this whole paragragh!)

"So in early 1959, the two partners made a bold, carefully calculated gamble. They sat in the basement office of VanAndels home (TEAM Office) and officially organized a new company. They cut the tie with Nutrilite (Amway Quixtar), and began plans to develop their own product line, and personally pledged to their distributors that they would build and direct a new enterprise in which their business would always be secure.""They called the new company Amway (TEAM!!). From the beginning of that new company, VanAndel and DeVos (Brady and Woodward) were motivated by more than just the bottom line. They were determined to make Amway work for all those people who trusted and believed in them. They had promises to keep.

(You get the idea...I'll let you make the mental inserts on this next excerpt!)

from The Possible Dream by Charles Paul Conn
"In the summer of 1958, at a meeting of their leading distributor's in Charlevoix, Michigan, they made their announcement; We intend to develop our own product line. We will continue to sell Nutrilite products (they explained) but we can no longer depend solely on that company to supply our distributorships with marketable products. It is up to us to make our own way

"With that explanation, the two partners gave the people there the opportunity to stay with them and the American Way Association or to remain entirely with Nutrilite. (Not computing...this sounds like they gave those folks a choice...doesn't sound like them...) To a person, the leaders at Charlevoix chose to head into a new territory with DeVos and VanAndel.""That was the cutting of the umbilical cord which tied the small group to Nutrilite exclusively. A few months later, in early 1959, Devos and VanAndel sat in the basement office of Jay's home in Ada, Michigan, and officially organized Amway Corp. It was a bold hopeful beginning, a gamble that they could make it alone, and go on to build an organization of size and permanence. With the beautiful blessings of hindsight, one can easily see that it would be a start of something big. At the time, one couldn't be so sure."

Two Words: Goose...Gander!
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