Wednesday, October 17, 2007

QUIXTAR: One motion, one meeting

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One motion, one meeting
October 17th, 2007 @ 10:22 pm ET…

We were back in court in Grand Rapids today, seeking a contempt motion that would have halted a planned TEAM meeting in Louisville.

We don’t have the ruling yet—we’ll post it when we do—but the judge said he would not stop the meeting.

Not what we wanted to hear.

But it was one motion, and one meeting.

Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady are still under injunction.

The TEAM leaders we terminated still have a contract to honor.

Their California lawsuit, with its outrageous claims, is still gone for good.

They still have liability for the people and businesses they hurt.

And they still must arbitrate to settle this dispute.

We will prove these claims in arbitration.

That’s fine by us. Because the facts, the law and common sense are still on our side.


Anonymous said...

A good business would have just let em go. This holier than tho approach and all the lawsuits grasping for straws has done nothing at all to help q's image. It just shows that the company is being run by lawyers with some very bad advice. Q/A is an emotional type of business and they are destroying everyone's attitude. They have said many times in the past that no person has ever left Amway to launch a successful competeing business, if that's true then why worry, you should have just let em go and watch em fail. Unless just maybe you know they are right and need a smoke screen to save yourself from your own mistakes. just a thought.

Manley said...

They can't say that no more!! was started by a FORMER AMWAY DIAMOND and they are 15 years old. and doing almost a Billion dollars in sales. with only 150,000 distributors.

This is the only Company though!!! That was created by a Diamond and has been successful!!


Your Brothers and sisters!!! LOL

Law suit Blogger #11

Juntson said...

Manley - Market America only does $400 Million a year (which includes all of their global markets).

Check their site

Puffery is one thing - exaggerating is something else...

Junston said...

Sorry - Didn't mean to be so snarky to Manley in the above post. I apologize. Just trying to put the facts out there...

Anonymous said...

"Under injunction" still beats "under delusion" - which is where most of Corp that is taking business advice from barristers are residing.

The only thing average lawyer knows how to do is play defense ... and rack up billable hours.

On to 1,000,000 and beyond!!!

Ray said...

I don't get it, quixtogotocourt is constantly haranguing Orrin etc about deciding this stuff in arbitration BUT constantly are running to court against TEAM. Seems they are still showing their leopard spots of hypocrisy.
HEY ALTICOR, just to let you know, it wasn't TEAM that convinced me and my family to leave your company YOU DID!
Remember the lame brained "Just Go Team" blog? Remember the threats in the unsolicited e-mails? Remember putting phantom customers for fake retail sales?
YOU are the one that caused the seperation, and the faster you stop pointing your evil fingers at others the faster you MIGHT get some of your reputation back.

Tyler said...

"Orrin and Cris we terminated" you didnt terminate them, they willing left quixtar as have many thousands of other ppl

Tyler said...

chris, my bad