Tuesday, October 2, 2007

QUIXTAR: An IBO in your upline recently ... resign[ed]

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Dear IBO,

An IBO in your upline recently informed us of their immediate resignation from the QUIXTAR® business. In situations like this, it is important for you and all the remaining IBOs in the Line of Sponsorship to understand your rights as well as the responsibilities of the resigning IBO.

First and most important, the resignation of an upline IBO should not hurt your QUIXTAR business. As an IBO, your contract is with Quixtar, and your relationship with Quixtar has not changed. We are always here to support you and to answer any questions you have.

Second, you and every other IBO remaining in your QUIXTAR leg have the right, under your contracts with Quixtar, to be free of any solicitation or interference by the departing IBO. If anyone tells you that a "group" of IBOs or some IBO "leaders" are going to leave Quixtar and join some other business, beware. The Rules of Conduct prohibit the departing IBO from participating in any competing network marketing business (for six months) and also prohibit the departing IBO from soliciting other IBOs to participate in such a competing business (for two years). Every IBO is required to use the QUIXTAR Line of Sponsorship only to promote and sell QUIXTAR-approved products and services. Please refer to Rules 4.14, 4.27, and 6.5 of the Rules of Conduct, available online for details.

Third, these Rules also apply to you and every other QUIXTAR IBO. No IBO has the legal right to solicit other IBOs for any business other than QUIXTAR . Any IBO who does so is violating the QUIXTAR contract and damaging the businesses of other IBOs. The QUIXTAR Rules are designed to protect you from a former IBO trying to get IBOs downline from you to leave QUIXTAR for some other opportunity.

Hopefully you aren't facing these problems. But if you are, Quixtar can help. If another IBO is:

soliciting other IBOs upline or downline from you to leave the QUIXTAR business;
soliciting other IBOs downline from you to purchase BSM or attend business support meetings that are not approved by Quixtar or you;
trying to pressure you to resign or to follow them into some other business;
spreading false or misleading information about the QUIXTAR business; or
interfering with your QUIXTAR business in any other way,
please contact Rules Administration at 616-787-6712 or qbcr.department@quixtar.com immediately. Quixtar can take action to enforce the Rules and protect your QUIXTAR business and the QUIXTAR businesses of other IBOs. However, if you have any questions concerning these issues, feel free to contact us at any time.

We hope the current situation has not been disruptive for you in building your business. With the addition of hew products, new programs, and $60 million more in the new QUIXTAR Business Incentives Program, there’s never been a better time to build a profitable QUIXTAR business.


Gary VanderVen
Director – Global Business Conduct & Rules
Quixtar Inc.


Anonymous said...

Dear IBO:

Many IBOs choose to attend meetings and functions that help train and motivate them to become more successful as QUIXTAR® IBOs. While we at Quixtar certainly support this activity, we have recently learned that some IBOs are inviting, and even pressuring, other IBOs to buy tickets to and to attend certain functions whose purpose is NOT to build the QUIXTAR business. Some of these are local Open meetings at which IBOs openly encourage other IBOs to leave Quixtar. Others are major functions.

Please understand that all solicitation by IBOs of IBOs who are not personally sponsored to attend meetings and functions where the QUIXTAR business is not promoted and where a competing business is promoted are clear violations of Rule 4.14, which prohibits IBOs from soliciting other IBOs who are not personally sponsored for other selling activities. Also, such solicitation by IBOs of any other IBOs represents a clear violation of Rule 6.5, which prohibits IBOs from participating in/promoting a competing business.

If IBOs, or former IBOs upline or crossline from you, are pressuring you or IBOs downline from you to buy tickets to meetings and functions where the organizers are not promoting the QUIXTAR opportunity, please let us know immediately, at qbcrdepartment@quixtar.com

We at Quixtar stand with you and can enforce the rules against IBOs who try to violate them – but we need your help. You and other IBOs in the field are in the best position to detect and report this type of Rules violation.

choose wisely said...

When thinking about building a Quixtar business you probably should ask yourself - what is your biggest objection? I have built or should I say tried to build a Quixtar business for the past 6 years. I have listen to 2-3 cds daily, read the monthly books, went to all the open meetings (that's what they were called) attended every major conference (all over the country) never missed a single one, showed the Quixtar business plan @ least 15-20 times monthly, purchased 300pts or more monthly, DO you want to know where it got me? 18% bracket - 2500 pts, with 80-100 people in my business, BUT of course not everyone can do the points. THE PRICES ARE TO HIGH. They couldn't afford them. They all have dreams of doing and being more. So Quixtar tells you to tell them sell stuff find customers that way you get your points and make extra money. (YA RIGHT!) The prices are so high that you can't sell them for QUIXTAR customer prices so you sell stuff at your cost and you get points QUIXTAR WINS AGAIN. NOT YOU. I am very grateful for my business support team and education I have plugged into. BUT someone has got to wake up and stop what is happening. It is called BRAIN WASHING - be care what road you go down. THE ONLY GOOD THING ABOUT THIS QUIXTAR BUSINESS HAS EVER BEEN THE SUPPORT YOU GET FROM YOUR UPLINE DIAMONDS DOWN, People like Orrin Woodward, Randy Haugen, Don Wilson, and many others. IT WILL NEVER BE FROM THE ALTICOR FAMILY BUSINESS. NEVER HAS, NEVER WILL... IT HAS ALWAYS CAME FROM YOUR OUTSIDE SOURCE OF MENTORS. Whether that be Worldwide Dreamers, Internet Services YAEGER, and the hundreds of others. SO WHEN YOU ARE TRYING TO DECIDE WHICH SIDE OF THE FENCE YOU ARE GOING TO BE ON. THINK ABOUT WHO IS HELPING AND TEACHING YOU NOW. In 6 years I never once had someone from the Quixtar/Amway/Alticor family business call and say
"looks like you could use some help". Why because they don't care about you they only care about using you to push the products they make AMWAY (now know as ACCESS BUSINESS GROUP). Be careful which choice you make it will cost you. And remember that if you are a supposed IBO (JOKE) you are in a fish bowl and This company Alticor has made you a lier. You know you are in AMWAY not QUIXTAR right! They say they care about you - REALLY!