Thursday, October 4, 2007

QUIXTAR: Statement from Fred Harteis

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Statement from Fred Harteis
October 04, 2007

[There were a lot of rumors about former IBOAI Board member Fred Harteis' alleged association with the California lawsuit against Quixtar. He and his legal counsel have repeatedly stated that the rumors were false, but rumors persisted, so he just issued this "Statement from Fred Harteis -- The Facts" on his websites.]

Since the various members of TEAM filed their lawsuit against Quixtar on August 9 in California, much rumor and innuendo concerning me and my family's Quixtar business has run unabated. For my Quixtar business and the businesses of all IBOs in my group, I've made a concerted effort to stay above the banter and hostility that seems inevitable when people decide that litigation is the only way to resolve perceived wrongs. However, my name continues to surface in this matter and conduct is being attributed to me that is simply inaccurate and false.

To correct the record and misinformation currently situated in the public domain, the following facts are provided:

For more than 35 years the late William Abraham and his son, Rick Abraham (for more than 20 years) have been my attorneys. All of the Plaintiffs in the California lawsuit are and were well aware of the identity of my attorneys. I have never at any time spoken with D.J. Poyfair or any other member of his law firm, the attorneys who represent Plaintiffs in the California lawsuit.

During the meeting on August 9 that occurred at Alticor in Grand Rapids, Mr. Poyfair displayed a draft of the lawsuit to Quixtar in-house attorneys. The draft did not have my name listed as a Plaintiff. Later that day Mr. Poyfair and his co-counsel filed the lawsuit in California with my name suddenly appearing on the front page as one of the Plaintiffs.

At no time did I authorize Mr. Poyfair or any other attorney to include me as a Plaintiff in the lawsuit. Again, I've never spoken with Mr. Poyfair or any other member of his law firm. At no time did I authorize any other person, including any Plaintiff named in the lawsuit, to include me as a Plaintiff in the lawsuit. Moreover, neither Mr. Poyfair nor any other attorney for Plaintiffs contacted my attorney, Rick Abraham, to seek his authorization to include me in the lawsuit. Mr. Poyfair had met Mr. Abraham one or two months prior to filing the lawsuit and knew without any doubt that Mr. Abraham was my attorney.

Once I discovered my name was included in the lawsuit my attorney immediately contacted Mr. Poyfair and his co-counsel and demanded that I be dismissed from the action. Mr. Poyfair contacted Mr. Abraham and admitted that he had never spoken with me at any time.

I understand Mr. Poyfair has on more than one occasion brazenly suggested that he has me in his "hip pocket." Nothing could be further from the truth. The foregoing facts should dispel any such notion.

It has become necessary to provide these accurate facts to diffuse any further rumor or ambiguity regarding my involvement - or lack thereof - in the lawsuit filed in California. The misinformation circulating since the suit was filed has and continues to cause damage to my Quixtar business and the businesses of many IBOs in my group, the tiresome ruminations about Christian morals and values notwithstanding.

To be clear, there are issues with which I am concerned that relate to the Quixtar business. I have raised these concerns with Quixtar and will continue to engage in meaningful dialogue with the Company in a businesslike manner. This is consistent with my practice throughout my tenure in the business. I am and will remain a Quixtar IBO and do everything I possibly can to assist other IBOs in my group to work through these issues and prosper.


Fred Harteis

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Anonymous said...

Well Fred I think a lot of us wouldnt have mind staying with the Quixtar business but that isn't really the case sense it will be soon be an AMWAY business good luck!

Anonymous said...

Fred Harties is a man of character and integrity and this is just one more example of how he conducts his business in an honorable manner. Thank you, Fred, for doing the right thing.

Anonymous said...

Is it always good for a captain to go down with is even if you can save thousands of people that call you a leader? Just wondering. Go IWIAATS! J-Dawg

cmon.people.think said...

OK, so we're supposed to believe that his name got included in the lawsuit by accident? I think there's more to it, some kind of miscommunication, but surely his name wasn't just pulled out of thin air because some lawyer wanted to prove he could do it. C'mon people. Something got left out of this explanation.

Anonymous said...

I find it interesting that Fred Harteis only disputes his inclusion in the lawsuit.

Billy Florence claims that Harteis is concerned that Amway/Quixtar has become an illegal pyramid and that Harteis is having a hard time believing in and promoting a business that he believes is illegal.

The best he can say about Amway/Quixtar is that he "has concerns" and will deal with the corp in a "businesslike manner."

No more statements like, "You're in the right place at the right time... You are part of the best company in the world... Ain't it great."

How hard would it be for him to type the words, "And I still believe this is the best business opportunity in the world."

Apparently, he does not believe it anymore.

- MichMan

John said...

lol Fred complained he got auto added to Team's lawsuit. Quixtar auto added thousands to their contract, yet he is staying with them?

lol Fred complains about being told he is in the Team attorney's back pocket. Quixtar told thousands that they were in their attorneys' back pocket (i.e. property), yet he is staying with them?

What are you thinking Fred?

Anonymous said...

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north neighbor said...

I have been involved with Fred's organization now for many years. I am utterly surprised that he backed down from a fight.
I don't blame him since he built a successful amway business and his family is well off now.
I am just happy now that I am with the spirit of TEAM and not just one guy at the helm. I rather die chasing something greater than count the elk on my ranch or count how many times the grandkids jumped in the double diamond pool.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't this GREAT man sleep around on his wife?...what other lies does he tell for the $$$

urbustedfakefred said...

Mr Fred harteis has made all his money from books tapes and seminars-- he knows it. stop buying into his lies folks-- his brother Jerry just quit but he said they are keeping their motivational business!!! hello this is where their money comes from. wake up!!! all he does is hide behind his curtains. el cheapo fred.!! a liar for character and a liar for integrity.