Wednesday, October 24, 2007

TEAM: Big Swing...AND Whiiiffff...

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Big Swing...AND Whiiiffff...
Wednesday, October 24, 2007

They're back at it. The eager beaver legal team over at Amquix has decided to make another blind, legal stab into the dark.
Reminds me so much of Cyclops in Homer's Odyssey drunkenly stumbling around his cave with a sharpened plank in his eye yelling "Nobody did this to me!" "Let's sue Woodward and Brady!" "Let's sue some nameless bloggers!" "Let's sue the TEAM office!" Keep streching guys...keep stretching. I actually found myself chuckling reading this 20 page legal document...let me sum it up for you..."We own these people...they won't stay...that's not fair...make them stay!" They are making it very difficult for anyone that has even a couple of functioning synapses to take their side of this argument.

Here is the wet paper bag full of fresh doo that they are trying to sell the judge : "The Line of Sponsorship is highly confidential...and we own it." Wrong and wrong again. The Line of Sponsorship is made up of MY family, friends, neighbors, co-workers me again how that is"confidential" information?! Let's ask this question...If the computer system over at Amquix took a dump...who would be able to recreate this "confidential" information more quickly...Amquix or me?! Hmmmm...I'll help you with the hard ones...ME! I know these people personally...I spent the years in the living rooms creating this Line of Sponsorship. Amquix attached a computer number to them and now claims ownership? Wow...gotta put a quick call into Uncle Jack and let him know he has been picked up on a quitclaim deed...

Here is how it works in the real world...unlike the Alice in Wonderland called Amquix...
Bobby Bowden...Head football coach at Florida State...does what most good head coaches would do. When he first hires on with Florida State, he brings in a staff of coaches that he knows and wants to work with. They come together and create one of the top football programs in the country. No problem with that. But, recently they have been turning in lackluster performances, and they are plummeting in the National rankings. It is looking very much like Bobby will either be fired or resign at the end of the season. Either way, here is what Bobby is going to say to his staff..."Guys...we are family. I am sure that if you want to stay at Florida State, they will find a coaching job for you here. But, I think it is time for a fresh start. What do you say we all stick together and make another run at the National Championship with a new team?!"

Now, I am gonna step way out on a limb here and say that Florida State University is not gonna be suing Coach Bowden for stealing THEIR property! Not gonna happen...They are Bowden's family and friends...he assembled them...he taught them the strategies...he developed them as leaders...They have the right (and in my opinion the obligation) to follow their leader...

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Anonymous said...

Sounds to me like the team louisville thing had a much bigger impact than q/a thought. I am amazed that they think that all the bad things happening to them is all Teams fault. I believe it has everything to do with their (q/A) bad attitude and poor business practices for all these years, I was in the old way and I am in the Team way (not a Q/A dog anymore)Team system works, Amway did not. Why don't they believe that the frustraited people have finally had enough of the some old amway lies and 1/2 truths. The people have FREE WILL, that is obvious from the massive departures - I only got back in because of Teams leadership, I got out after watching q/a openly try to destroy 2 GOOD people, not to mention everyone associated with them. Suck it up amway, you made a big mistake, you have motivated everyone behind the cause and made the fence riders jump off too. I do believe you will see team hit levels amway has only dreamed about. Free Will will prevail over nasty oppression everytime. Good luck rich devos et al, I believe you have done nothing more than wake the sleeping giant, look back in history to see what happens to the oppresser when you wake a sleeping giant and motivate them.

Cat said...

Tom --
Go to the Alticor Media Blog on this subject and find Maxwell Smart's take on it. It's in a couple of different posts, broken up for length.

He's a TEAM member, and a lawyer, and says so. (I have my ideas on who it is, but no concrete evidence to back it up, so speculation is not realistic.)

His take is the best I've read on this issue. Basically, he says Q is fighitng Orrin, Chris, the other leaders and TEAM itself because it has the money and time, in an effort to cover its true motives of getting rid of the IBO's in North America, and blaming it all on TEAM.

Go read for yourself. And I suggest you post him. H'e VERY good!

Ray said...

I read the suit as well. They are looney, I have not heard a word from Woodward in regards to this stuff since the gag order was placed on him. I have not been approached by Woodward, Brady, et al in regards to resigning my IBO (Ha what a laugh) number. I have not seen hide nor hair of this figment of Alticor imagination competing MLM.
Remember the blog that asked me to go? Remember the threats in e-mail form? The ones that stated only a few IBO's would leave and would not impact Q financially?
Whistling a different tune now, huh mr. bigmouth blog writer?
You asked us to go, we do, you sue? Don't get it?
NOW, alticor, please do what you demand Woodward do, you know, you stated it was wrong for him to go to court, ARBITRATE. YOU stated in one of your blogs about the Texas decision that it was fine with you to arbitrate with a neutral arbitrator yet who is it that heads right to the courthouse? YOU. Why, cause the arbitrator has not been hired and trained by YOU, that's why. Scared there might be a level playing field here?

These views are not necessarily the views of Crazy World, heck, they might not even be my views, they could be the views of a flaming hot marshmallow.

Anonymous said...

There are several lawsuits involving Quixtar currently. One item that has come up has to do with a non-compete and no-raiding provision that has been added to the the current rules of conduct. This isn't the concern.

The concern is that the rules were added to the agreement without many of the independant business owners working with Quixtar signing this contract. Quixtar changes the rules at any time and without any notice. They claim that they can do this because anyone renewing each year agrees to this. That isn't totally true as many have been on Auto-renewal for years.

I propose that the Federal Law be clarified that if a business changes the rules for employees or even associates tied to contracts, that the person not making the change to the rules/contract receive at least 30 days notice and an opt-out option. Banks play by these rules, I believe companies such as Quixtar / Alticor should to.