Thursday, November 1, 2007

TEAM: Team Issues Statement Regarding Quixtar v. Team Lawsuit

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Team Issues Statement Regarding Quixtar v. Team Lawsuit
NOVEMBER 01, 2007

Team has issued an update on the lawsuit that Quixtar filed against Team in the state of Nevada. This update was posted to Team's website this afternoon and the text is detailed below:

As most of you know, Quixtar has recently filed a lawsuit against Team in Nevada. In the Nevada lawsuit, Quixtar makes essentially the same allegations it has made in its lawsuits in Grand Rapids and elsewhere.

In Grand Rapids, Quixtar argued that Woodward and Brady (and Team) were in contempt of the Court's injunctive order because Team continued holding meetings and selling leadership development materials. Quixtar insisted on an immediate evidentiary hearing so that the Court could prevent the Louisville conference from going forward. The Court held an evidentiary hearing over three days, receiving testimony from live witnesses for both sides. At the end of the hearing, the Court ruled that the Louisville conference could go forward. The Court said: "I've listened carefully to what goes on at these meetings. I'm not at all convinced at this stage that it constituted improper competition with the Plaintiff in violation of the Order."

Soon after this adverse ruling, and before the Court could issue its full opinion, Quixtar ran to Nevada to file its lawsuit against Team, making essentially the same allegations. Apparently Quixtar did not like the evidence that came out at the Grand Rapids hearing or the Court's ruling that the Team convention in Louisville could go forward. Nonetheless, on its weblog, Quixtar explained that it went to Nevada to file another lawsuit because it "won" in Grand Rapids: "We filed suit because the single legal case we brought (and won) in this matter listed Orrin Woodward as a defendant."

We are convinced that the allegations in the Nevada lawsuit are entirely without merit, and that Team has at all times acted properly and righteously. We will continue to resist Quixtar's unwarranted claims, wherever they are filed. In the end, leadership transcends litigation. I wish I could assure everyone that these harassments and attacks will soon stop. However, the realist in me says that Quixtar will do everything within its power to destroy all vestiges of the leaders that had the audacity to challenge their very existence. But I can assure you of one thing: the leadership of Team will respond to every allegation made against us with the same class and grace that we have demonstrated throughout this entire dispute. I wish you all the very best.

Very truly yours,

Kevin Thompson

TEAM, Chief Legal Counsel


Anonymous said...

Is it just me, or is the tone of that statement significantly different from the garbage that comes from Alticor's blog. Well done.

Cat said...

I agree with anonymous. The calliber of announcements dramatically goes up when TEAM issues them. The honesty and integrity of TEAM's chief legal counsel is to be commended. Orrin, Chris, Policy Council, Bob Dickie and/or whoever else had a hand in picking this man, way to go!

Mad-X-IBO said...

I also agree that the tone of this message comes as a refreshing breath of fresh air compared to A/Q/A 3rd grade bloggers.

We are with you TEAM!

I have my little boat pack for the "what can we learn?" at if you don't know what I mean.

To a million and beyond!

Anonymous said...

!!!Team Rules!!! and I am happy to be in part of something so great i have become a better person because of the system

Jose Arana

Anonymous said... being funded by Alticor for two years, should be enough to cause the Nevada lawsuit to be thrown out.