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Friday, October 5, 2007

The IBO Rebellion felt compelled, after reading some sites in the blogosphere, to set some things straight. I won't bother by directing you to all the incorrect information out there but I will say that this site is accurate. Even the comedy within this site has been dead on with the exception of the altering Mr. VanAndel's audio comments made in the post "Steve Goes to China." Sometimes the truth is painful, so on with the show.

There are some monumental frauds being circulated by the Amway cubical dwellers. You can spot these folks (circulators of deception) a mile away on the blogs. They are nearly the only people supporting Quixtar and their actions. A quick perusal of the various sites shows the same few handles spouting the same Quixtar talking points over and over. Even the real sophisticated ones can't seem to hide it when they do use an alias for their alias. This is a true sign their heart just isn't in it. Hopefully Quixtar sends these people all to Peter Island as a reward. If not the closest these dungeon dwellers will ever get to a tropical vacation is a diamond club brochure. If Peter Island is in the works for these folks I would avoid the "Pirates Adventure" sponsored by the company. It would surely entail these lowly bloggers walking the plank at high seas so as to cover up their existence.

The thing to understand when dealing with Alticor / Amway / Quixtar is they have a pattern. After all they love to brag about being around for more than 40 years. Needless to say there is a track record. The first phase is what every IBO goes through. The "subjugation phase" is the key to the Amway business model. What does subjugation mean? Well for all you out there that aren't quite as refined as Quixtar Legal kingpin Mike (all knowing.... according to him) Mohr, subjugation means the following:

  • forced submission to control by others
  • the act of subjugating by cruelty; oppression
  • subjugated (to be under yoke)

The IBO's have always carried the load at Amway. When this yoke becomes most evident is in times such as now. When IBO's and Quixtar no longer see eye to eye the IBO finds out that their "business contract" with Quixtar provides as much ownership as any Rent-A-Center agreement. Here is just a sampling of the many names, taken from court documents, Quixtar has used to refer to IBO's, "property," "intellectual property," "assets," "trade secrets," and "store fronts." Amway continues to go on snowing people with all their balderdash about partnerships and business ownership. Make no mistake the mule in the field has more clarity about his situation than the average IBO, and Amway likes it that way.

Phase two for IBO's in conflict with Quixtar is termination. This is where Quixtar fools you into thinking there is some process which is fair and equitable for handling disputes. Let's look at our current situation. Quixtar made things quite clear that they decide what is fair and what is not. That little contract you are so bound to..... they don't feel that it prohibits them from doing anything. In situations deamed "very serious," by them, Quixtar quickly jumps from their agreement and into court seeking injunctions for what they call the "public interest." One of the 15 martyrs was terminated for violation of rule 11 of the rules and conduct. Rule 11 is 14 pages long and covers a myriad of items. In this particular case Quixtar stated that this person violated Rule 11 in regards to "lack of candor." Wow, that wouldn't be subjective would it? I find it interesting that I couldn't even find the actual word "candor" in the entire rules of conduct. The big lie on the web is that Woodward and Brady and the rest were terminated for filing a lawsuit against Quixtar. Here they go changing their story again. It is quite clear that Woodward and Brady would have preferred to leave peacefully otherwise why waste the time even going to Grand Rapids. They didn't go to serve papers, that's not how it works. They were terminated and then the lawsuit was filed.

On to phase three of the Quixtar playbook. This is the castigation stage. This is where they light up their Alticor Media Blog with their amateur hour remarks in "JUST GO TEAM." Orrin endures a verbal tongue lashing from people who aren't qualified to mow his yard. This stage continues in press release after press release telling bald face lies about people. I guess when you have been lying as long as Amway has you know just what to say to make it sound possible. One of the best ones in this dispute is in regards to the so called "stacking" violation. Yet another reason for termination that DOES NOT show up in the rules of conduct. If Quixtar can stand there and honestly tell the rest of the Quixtar world that they never knew and never encouraged, how TEAM was building organizations then you will believe anything. To imply for one second that suddenly on August 9th, 2007 things just had to be dealt with defies any form of logic. There is nothing wrong with TEAM approach. It is a proven and effective way to help others win. I am not going to get into the entire TEAM Approach debate here as I find it silly at best. The results of TEAM and those associated with TEAM is well documented.

The last stage for IBO's is the litigation stage. This is where the Big Corporate Bully and all their money attacks using the legal system. Legal expenses can be enormous. This is where they go in with their rules of conduct demanding arbitration. As I sit preparing this post I learned that the California case will not be heard and instead sent back to Michigan for arbitration. Quixtar will scream loudly of this victory. Quixtar will celebrate that they can go back into their preferred hiding hole under the cover of arbitration. This again is their history. What they won't tell you is that the California case was not dismissed on it merits. It just means it will be heard in arbitration. Many of you are familiar with Blackwater the private security firm providing privately paid soldiers in Iraq. Blackwater has deep ties with the Devos family. What I would like to point out is that Blackwater is yet another example of the Devos / Alticor legal strategy. Currently Blackwater is involved in wrongful death suits involving persons working for them. Here is what appeared in today's News and Observer:


Jay Price, Staff Writer

In yet another twist to a long-running lawsuit against Blackwater Security Consulting, a federal appeals court has halted an arbitration hearing that could have rendered a final decision on the case.
The families of four former employees of the North Carolina-based private security contractor are suing the company. The four men were killed in Fallujah, Iraq, by insurgents in March 2004, and their bodies were mutilated and burned by a mob in scenes captured by news photographers and television crews. Two of the bodies were hanged from a bridge.

The incident triggered a wave of violence across Iraq and eventually led to a major U.S. offensive in Fallujah.

An investigation by The News & Observer that year uncovered documents that said the men were supposed to have armored vehicles, machine guns and more manpower for such missions. They had none of those things, and the families sued Blackwater, saying that the company had contributed to the deaths.

Since then, the case has bounced between state and federal courts as Blackwater filed various appeals and motions, including two previous appeals to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 4th Circuit, the court that issued the stay on the arbitration Tuesday.

Blackwater failed in those earlier appeals and in an appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court. Earlier this year, it persuaded a federal judge in Eastern North Carolina that the dead men's contracts barred lawsuits and the only avenue for the dispute was arbitration.

The stay means that the families will have a chance to argue to the 4th Circuit that the suit shouldn't be heard in arbitration Nov. 12, and instead should be sent back to a state court in Raleigh.

So here's Blackwater, willing to put families with dead relatives through hell. Why would Quixtar think twice about attacking and disparaging IBO's? After all it's all in the family right. Take a look around the web at the Blackwater information out there. And I am not referring to the way out wacky left winged sites. In one instance one of the fired Blackwater employees who had potentially damaging information was suddenly rehired and sent on a mission to the middle east, reportedly to avoid being deposed in the above lawsuit.

So when watching this company remember these words SUBJUGATE, TERMINATE, CASTIGATE, and LITIGATE. If you are doing business with Quixtar / Amway what part of this lifecycle are you in? The STCL has been their recipe for success since 2003. Pride cometh before the fall, Quixtar be forewarned, long live TEAM.

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