Friday, October 5, 2007

QUIXTAR: California: Case dismissed

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California: Case dismissed
October 5th, 2007

We received official word from California federal court this afternoon that Woodward et al v. Quixtar has been dismissed.

The dismissal deals a severe blow to Orrin Woodward’s federal class-action legal attack. Woodward and other plaintiffs cynically claimed that Quixtar was an illegal pyramid scheme in an attempt to avoid their contractual obligations, embarrass the company and damage its IBOs. The company adamantly denied the charges and noted that a Michigan court had already ordered the plaintiffs to arbitrate their claims.

This is a major victory, and we are grateful that the judge agreed with our arguments in the case.

In his ruling, Feess noted that “the Michigan court has already enjoined Plaintiffs from violating the covenants not to compete and not to solicit and sent the case to arbitration.” He later added, “[T]he Court agrees with the Michigan court and believes the parties’ arbitration agreement is valid and binding.

“[T]he court GRANTS Quixtar’s motion to dismiss on declaratory relief abstention grounds and the matter is hereby DISMISSED WITH PREJUDICE.”


Anonymous said...

count down of 6 month non compete is ticking away.....the battle may be lost for TEAM but the war will be won by TEAM. Good Luck and wish you the best Quixtar and hope you learned a lot on how to treat people so they don't have to leave in the future.

By the way Mr. DeVos why the change of heart??

busybee said...

That's right the battle they may have won, but TEAM will win the WAR...Behind you watching your back TEAM all the way.