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QUIXTAR: Training & Education -- What's Your Wish List?

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Training & Education -- What's Your Wish List?
Monday, October 22, 2007 by Alison Hague

Those of who follow the Opportunity Zone may recall a post from Jim Payne last spring titled "One Step Closer to World Class Training," in which he introduced me, Alison Hague, as Quixtar's new Director of Training & Education. I'm sure the title of that post sparked many different thoughts among readers. All I could think was ... "Gee, no pressure there!"

I'm happy to report, however, that in the months I've been here, I've been privileged to work with an amazing team of talented and hard-working professionals who have made great strides in providing excellent training resources for some other talented and hard-working individuals -- Quixtar Independent Business Owners.

We've researched the competition and solicited input from IBOs at all levels of this business and we've heard over and over again from you about the importance of training. We're responding with courses to help you develop business-building skills and product knowledge to support you as you grow a successful business. All of this training is available under the umbrella of "Quixtar University". You will have the option of taking instructor-led training, online training and audio courses so you can learn anytime, anywhere, and in the way you learn best.

Some recently launched courses include brand courses specializing in Artistry, Simply Nutrilite, and Ribbon; basic business skill training courses; and Welcome to Quixtar Orientation, an easy-to-use, easy-to-understand orientation to business.

By reviewing your feedback, I have an indication that we're on the right track with the training we're providing. For example, after its launch, QU had visits from about 300 users. This number grew to 10,000 quickly and since it’s been promoted, the number has reached more than 40,000 IBO users. Now that the Welcome to Quixtar Orientation has launched, we expect thousands more.

And the response to the online training courses has been very favorable. Here's what some IBOs like you are saying:

“Thank you, every single thing that I can learn through Quixtar demos and educational knowledge will only benefit me.”
“Who else but Quixtar would go the extra mile to see us succeed? Thank you from the bottom of my heart!”
“I'm so excited about this educational program. I can't wait to see what's next and get out there and use what I've learned!!!”
“I believe this is an excellent way to educate new and seasoned IBOs. I work for a Fortune 500 Company and this is the type of training that's utilized within the company I work for. Thank you Quixtar for giving your IBOs the most up-to-date resources to grow their business. I'm proud to be an IBO.”
While such feedback has been extremely encouraging, there's certainly much more that we can do to meet your education and training needs. I'm interested in ideas, concerns, wish lists, etc. regarding the content and delivery of training you would like to receive from Quixtar. With your guidance, I have no doubt that we can provide you with "World Class Training."


Tom Morris said...

Since you asked ...

I would like to see training from the fastest growing groups in the field, so I can see what really works in the field and what doesn't. Oh, wait. You "terminated" them all.

The product education, I'm sure, is great. Stick with product education since that is what you excel at. As far as building groups, leave it to the experts.

chris said...

Wow growing from 300 to 40,000 is pretty impressive,well until you put the percentages on it, 40,000 out of how many active IBO's I don't have the info so I can't give factual information but I am guessing that that is less that 1% lets just go for the gusto an say that it is actually 10%, really is that impressive to know that 10 percent of the field is getting training from the corp...if i was a ceo I would expect 100 percent of my people to be using the training. it seems pretty week to me.

Manley said...

Training and Education!
A day late and many dollars short.
I am an outsider looking in. Amway had a chance to do this long ago when Dexter was threating corporate in the same situation as TEAM.
If the company had then teamed up with leaders in the field to come up with a UNIFORMED training system and allowed the field to help structure it. There would not be such a massive exiting of upset IBO's.
I believe the IBO's of TEAM and other participating distributorships had a system that should have been incorporated into Q and A.
But I also believe that TEAM may not have wanted corporate to take control of their BREAD AND BUTTER. I know! No One will like that comment. But unfortunely, IT IS probaly TRUE!
It is unfortunate that Q has loss such a great asset to their company, but what I see is a large group of fired up and motivated Individuals that may make a difference in whatever venture they pursue.
Yes my brothers and sisters, I would have loved to had you on my TEAM and do believe if your TEAM leaders would have checked out what Market America offered we would have had a awsum blending of a True Community that no company could have stopped. An established 15 year old company with a TEAM concept and training that nothing would surpass.Which is already in place! 15 years of MarketAmerica University!!
The Leading attorney that represented Amway back in the early 80's when Amway fought the Federal Trade Commission. You old timers would remember his name, Bill Holladay. He has been with MA since 92'.
Well anyway, I commend each one of you for the spirit you carry with you and REALLY do wish each of you MUCH success in whatever TEAM does.
I have met a few of you and your spirit is TRUE.
Just remember www.quixtartoday.blogspot.com
As a Backup Plan.
Go Spartacus

thecloser said...

Tell me this? How good can the training be to teach us to sell over priced products (see www.quixtarlostmycents.com)? I thought the moral thing to do was sell people things that they needed AND was a good deal for them? How can this training be anything but immoral?

SisterSam said...

manley said, "But I also believe that TEAM may not have wanted corporate to take control of their BREAD AND BUTTER. I know! No One will like that comment. But unfortunely, IT IS probaly TRUE!"

Might I suggest that the reason Team did not want corporate to take control of their training system is because corporate does not understand how to build the business?! And that corporate changes directions at a whim and takes no input from those who have succeeded in the field?!

Manley said...

May I say this with nothing but a neutral tone.
I have been with a company that was established by a former double diamond. He did not just quit and go out and start up a new company. What he did was transfered a large organization with him into another company. That was before there was a non-compete clause.
He also went out and worked with other companies to learn how to start up a company. He did not start MarketAmerica up till 1992.
Our Business Model Looks like your TEAM concept of building two legs.Uhmmm!!!
When he started it up he had also saw what had happened to Amway with all the law suits. It wasn't Amway that had the lawsuits brought up. It was the leaders in the field.
Jr (President of ma) saw these problems and when he started Market America, he created the tools system witin the corporat structure, so he could avoid the pitfalls of different leaders doing it diferent ways all over the world. To be similar to a franchise, would you not agree that you need a duplicatable system?? Across the board!!??
I have been a certified trainer with this company since 1997. Their system is impeccable. You know why. We the people helped create it. That being the leaders in the field!! Yes your RIGHT, the leaders work it everyday, they know more than a pencil pusher. I agree with you there. But I also have to disagree with you working with a company behind the scenes. I have seen why all that is happening is happening.
I really do care about all of you. I went through something similar in Amway, with many years invested. And a fairly large group to back. We won't go into all the reasons why I left my business, but I can relate to everyone of your pains. You feel let down.
Amway should have created this training system years ago!! And let the Field leader help create it. Would you not agree, all that is happening may not have happened???
I believe the main Focus now is to understand where your headed from here. TEAM probaly has a company in mind they will either purchase or they are going to try to create one. Looking back on previous Diamonds Experiance, most have failed in the first 3 to 5 years.
I remember our early years. It was tough at times, but they never missed paying out a weekly check. But it was tough.
JR is the only Former Diamond that started up a company that is still in business over 15 years later.
I tried to contact Orrin and Woodward to introduce them to JR. Could not get a connection. Thats ok. You should follow the TEAM leaders where they lead you.
Just keep me in mind if something should change. I don't want to recruit anyone, just want to build that relationship should something not work out.
There really is nothing better than true networking. And working in your underwear. Might be a scary site to some of you though!! lol
JUST KEEP THAT PASSION, whatever you do!!

Anonymous said...

TEAM members are busy riding our our six month non-competes, and can have nothing to do with you during that time. Go away.

AndrewNZachsDad said...

Mr Manley,
I am trying very hard to keep in mind that you are likely not trying to offend or upset people with your comments. That being said, however, most of us have likely been following many of these blogs for quite a while and are now (thanks to your welcome openness) well aware of who you are. It really is not necessary for you to tell us any more that you are "an outsider looking in". As was mentioned before, Quixtar IBOs who have left (voluntarily or otherwise) are at best a couple of months into the imposed non-compete period.
Aside from that, I would like to put forward a request to you. Please do not take this as a personal attack. It is a critique, but is not meant to be taken personally. You're writing style is disjointed, chaotic and, frankly, difficult to read for any length of time. You have very openly put yourself forward as a representative of Market America, but I'm not certain that you do them any service by posting messages written like yours are. I would hazard that you attempt to write in the same conversational and informal style with which you speak. Rest assured that it will not always (in fact, will hardly ever) read the way you intend. May I suggest that you find a member of your own mentorship who can provide you with a "ghost pen" to put your message in a standardized and clarified format? The added benefit will be that your "!" key will not take such a pounding.
Again, thanks for being so open and showing your support. That part of things is appreciated and speaks well of MA's organization.
All the best,

Manley said...

Hello AndrewNZachsDad,
Your right on with my writing style. Guess Writing and speaking are not viewed the same.
I always appeciate a different view point. And constructive critique.
Passion is hard to write.
I can't please everyone. But thank You!!
Richard, your hired as the ghost pen writer if you want the Job. LOL
All the best to you as well,