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Thursday, February 7, 2008

The latest post on the Alticor Media Blog occurred on Jan. 25th 2008. Alticor has at least learned from its mistakes. After getting pounded in the courts for their troglodytical remarks in the post "Just Go TEAM," they have decided to zip it. I applaud them for their coming to grips with their complete lack of emotional intelligence. Acknowledging your problem is the first step.

There are several parts to their post but lets focus on remarks made in the section titled Nevada. Here is what Alticor posted:

NEVADA: One thing we can mention: As noted in an earlier post, we are pursuing a lawsuit against TEAM in Nevada, the state where the company is incorporated. We think they have a lot to answer for, including their violation of Quixtar’s rights to its LOS. What they are mostly doing in response is trying to wiggle out of answering questions about their plans to harm Quixtar business owners. They can’t wiggle forever.
So lets examine the latest dribble from Alticor. Once again Alticor sounds as arrogant as ever saying TEAM has much answer for. The issue of LOS has already been decided and on Alticor's home turf of Grand Rapids. TEAM has never deprived Quixtar of their rights to the LOS. Their LOS still exists just the people who use to be there have chose to leave. As Judge Bush in Texas stated, "You can't make people be slaves." That means people are free to resign or not renew. So go look at your LOS Quixtar, it is still there. There just aren't any active IBOs in it.

However, the most offensive part of Alticor's post was their suggestion that TEAM plans or planned to "harm Quixtar business owners." Quixtar is attempting to claim that the entire legal attack on TEAM is to somehow to protect remaining IBOs. That is the biggest load of balderdash anyone could muster. The interest Quixtar continues to clamor about, and that has been heard in courtrooms across the country, is Quixtar's belief that they own IBOs.

Let's examine who has harmed whom. TEAM, specifically Woodward and Brady, have been the main breath of fresh air Quixtar's pathetic corporation needed. People don't want stories of success from years gone by. They want recent success stories from people just like them. TEAM provided that to Quixtar and to the industry. The TEAM's growth and success is well documented. TEAM's profit sharing is second to none and was a stark contrast to the stingy payouts Woodward and Brady both endured as IBOs on the way to having their own system. Woodward has been a staunch advocate for lower pricing. How has TEAM and company hurt other IBOs? By reforming tool profits, fighting for lower pricing, or by creating an environment and formula for success? I can think of NOTHING that TEAM has done to harm IBOs.

In contrast lets examine Quixtar's sorry track record. First and foremost their delusional pricing strategy has fleeced all of us. Through the years, their refusal to address their corporate image only made building the business more difficult. Their inability to solve the "first circle" issue for a new IBO to make money creates incredible turnover. The 15-20 competitively priced products remains elusive to this day even after years of promises. The altering of the QBI program to discriminate against TEAM IBOs and other depth focused organizations was a classic "change the deal" maneuver. In addition, Alticor found it necessary to create new avenues for its products that circumvent IBOs and undermine what was an exclusive distributorship.

The two biggest hits IBOs took from Quixtar were the Amway name change and the termination of Woodward and Brady. The name change from Quixtar to Amway was recognized by Alticor as an act that would damage existing IBOs and their businesses. Alticor acknowledged as much but basically said that IBOs would have to cope with the fallout that they believed could last for years. In the case of TEAM, Woodward and Brady's termination damaged every IBO that were a part of TEAM. The welfare of existing IBOs was not on the minds of Quixtar on August 9th. Instead, it was all about the lack of emotional intelligence all over again. Under a scenario where TEAM departed peacefully from Quixtar, damage would have been mitigated. Quixtar made the decision to make it nasty that day and therefore hold the liability for the destruction they and others associated with them have incurred.

Alticor / Amway / Quixtar and their overzealous legal department has been, and continues to be, the epicenter of destruction for current and former IBOs. Alticor's shameful accusation that Woodward and Brady would harm fellow IBOs should be rejected in its entirety. Alticor will continue their spin laden remarks on their blog and in their press releases. They can say all kinds of nice things about how they are doing and where they are going. Bottom line it all reminds me of a line I once heard. "A little bit of powder, a little bit of paint, makes a girl's complexion seem what it ain't." In terms of Quixtar, despite all their flowery remarks about themselves,.... it's real ugly, real ugly indeed.
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