Wednesday, February 6, 2008

QUIXTAR: Rumor Re Confidential Competitive Analysis

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Rumor Re Confidential Competitive Analysis
February 06, 2008

There's a rumor out there that in April of 2000, the IBOAI conducted a “Confidential Competitive Analysis” of Quixtar products. FALSE.
There is no record of any such analysis in minutes of Board and Committee meetings. There were, at a couple of different points in time, INFORMAL comparisons of Quixtar products with other commercial products made by a handful of IBO leaders and members of their downline. One such comparison helped Board representatives, on behalf of all IBOS, negotiate favorable pricing for energy bars with Quixtar.
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Tom Morris said...

Didn't this "rumor" come out in one of the tell-all postings or legal complaints back six months ago? Why are they only getting around to dispelling this "myth" now?

Maybe it took that long to find and purge the minutes.

Anonymous said...

Either that, or maybe the wrong timeframe - besides, wasn't it Corp who had the outside analysis which they then proceeded 2 ignore?

1John5:13 said...

ebizguru (I wonder who that would be?????) Nice to finally get to talk to you!!!! Anyway, funny that a company that started out loving Christ (The people were the company) and one of the founding gentlemen having a christian movie company would resort to bait and switch in their "Myth busters" column. I.e. say the IBO board funded the study when it was them. The sad thing is, the people in their company that will read the blog are either ignorant of who actually did the study and will believe it was the IBOA or are WILLFULLY ignorant and will take that LIE and run with it.

That being said, I am glad I am no longer a part of it, and don't really care what they do or say any longer. We will be TRUTHFULLY saying to people now, "Why NO this is NOT Scamway, in fact, we have nothing to do with it AND I don't blame you for having your opinion. I think they HAVE hurt a lot of people and charge to much for their products. Of course this is ONLY my opinion, but it seems we share that opinion."


1John5:13 said...

Over on Barrister's blog, we find that Scamway is the one who started the rumor in their blog post. It was the second in command at Scamway that had the competitive analysis done.

I quote:
"Quixtar’s Second-in-Charge Randy Bancino commissioned an analysis and
report from McKinsey Consultants regarding whether Quixtar products were
overpriced and not sellable. The McKinsey Report was prepared 2005, and its
findings were presented to the entire IBOAI Board along with various Quixtar
representatives. The McKinsey Report showed that there were very few retail
customers buying Quixtar products, and that hardly anyone was selling the
Quixtar products at retail. It was a glaring confirmation that Quixtar as a
business was failing."

And scamway states others "spin"?