Wednesday, February 27, 2008

QUIXTAR: Quixtar sues ... Mona Vie™

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Quixtar - The ex-girlfriend that won't die

OK. Now quixsand is just plain embarrassing itself. This has gotten WAY out of hand.

First they sue the leaders of Team. Then the bloggers... and anonymous commenters. Then the Team office. Then when Orrin's 6 months are up, they petition the judge for 45 more days trying one last time to stop the inevitable. And now... they sue Monavie!

Quixsand is the ex-girlfriend that just won't die!

You know the story. You have a relationship with a nice girl, things don't work out, so you break it off. There are some tears, some angry words exchanged, some heated arguments and accusations. But with every passing week, things seem to settle down. Eventually, you both find that special someone , and life goes on.

Of course, thats not how it goes when you dated a raving psycho rabbit killing butchers knife wielding stalker.

First, its a few notes left under the windshield wiper of your car in the middle of the night. The notes gets more venomous as the days pass, usually ending up at "I never loved you anyway! - Just go (TEAM)."

Then the phone calls at all hours of the night. Threatening emails blast across the internet. Then she informs you she is keeping all the stuff that you left at her apartment (bonus checks, earned trips).

You do the right thing and don't date anyone else for six months hoping to just move on to a new chapter in your life. All seams well, until the raving lunatic keys your new girlfriends car. Next thing you know shes attacking her in line at the grocery store, "He's mine I tell you! Mine forever! We're meant to be together! If I can't have him, no one will!"

Quixsand. Go away. Please. You look like a desperate small time company trying to dive on a grenade that already went off. Its over. We're gone. We're not coming back. You can't stop us from pursuing another business. You can't stop Orrin from doing the same. We'll conform to your Nazi-like 6 month non compete that you slid under the door while no one was looking. But we will move on. The walls of your once great business are crumbling on your head - stop worrying about the people that left your business - It's time for you to get some "me" time.

Maybe take a few weeks off, to find yourself - your inner person. Maybe take a girls vacation to somewhere warm. Who knows, maybe you'll find some nice island boy to take your mind off your troubles for a while. Remember - what happens in Jamaica, stays in Jamaica.

But whatever you do, take our picture off the wall. Delete our number from your cell phone. And for goodness sake, please stop hiding in the bushes spying on us - its kind of annoying and VERY sad. (can you say "restraining order")

I just think if quixsand doesn't stop this foolishness now - when will it end?

Whats next - suing Berean Baptist Church for being a competing business?

Mohr: "Its is our intention to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that Brean Baptist Church is in fact another competing business that Orrin and Chirs have joined. Fact: Our spies have seen Orrin and Chris dinking some sort of grape juice from some small plastic cup during church service (they used these small cups hoping our spies wouldn't notice.) They went as far as to make thier "pastor" act as if it was some "communion" nonsense."

"Orrin and Chris are well aware that quixtar has this very same product - a 3.5 oz juicy juice box - complete with bendy straw."

"Subsequently, our spies then noticed Orrin and Chris paying "Jesus" via some plate that got passed around. Another not so subtle attempt to disguise their intentions. Just how deep this massive conspiracy goes, we don't know, but we are willing to sue anyone and everyone to find out."

"Your honor, we rest our case. (We rest our case.. in this case.. but we have more cases your honor, lots more we'll see you next week.)"


Anonymous said...

For now, this suit is not against Team or it's leaders. It is asking Monavie to turn over court requested documents in an arbitration dispute with several former A/Q IBO's. Steve & Gina Merrit ( under Brig in Florida ) and thier downline are named in the arguement.

glenn said...

way to go a/q ---- great idea -- sue em, sue whom, easy why don't they just file a class action lawsuit against everyone in the UNITED STATES, I mean think about it that way they have all their bases covered. Oh, I have even a better idea, let's amend the constitution. Yea, we will say that the only company that can have free enterprise in the UNITED STATES is alticor, amway, quixtar, or what ever other name they decide to use in the near future ..... this is beyond laughable, it's a joke. grow up move on people, everyone else has.

Anonymous said...

Can you say "Fatal Attraction"?

Anonymous said...

I am absolutely OUTRAGED!!! Now A/Q/A is suing PC members!!

Leave us alone, A/Q/A! You told us to go, so LET us!! We WANT to!! Leave us ALONE!!!

Anonymous said...

Why is Quixtar even allowed in a court room these days?? How does that work? We resigned peacefully from Quixtar, have solicited NO ONE, honored our six month "no-compete" and Quixtar still claims they own us. They are making up the rules as they go! This is insane. Where's the justice here?
Quixtar is trying to hurt people just to passify their ego. Here's what I think they're doing: They know they're goose is cooked. They've got $ put aside for their corporate slugs so when they're done blowing the IBO's money they can go hide on an island somewhere and be free and clear. Here's a little send off for you Quixtar: GO TO HELL!