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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Hey folks, I am just back from yet another blog filling lunch with two of my CWPF's (Close Warm Personal Friends) from Alticor / Amway / Quixtar. I must say I was very happy my friends wanted to eat for a change. The coffee routine was getting old. Even as good as the food was at filing my stomach it was nothing compared to the "MEATY" information my friends provided today.

There are two big stories to discuss in today's installment of Behind the Walls of Quixtar. The first story is straight out of Hawaii and the latest Diamond Club. The second is some big news on possible employee unrest within Alticor. Employees are keenly aware of the entire TEAM fallout and are starting to fear the ripple effect.

The biggest story is certainly out of Hawaii and Diamond Club. I am thinking they should really rename the entire event Diamond Cluster. It more appropriately describes it and the situation. In case you hadn't heard there was a mere 65 diamonds at this years Diamond Cluster. I am sure our friends in Ada will somehow find the silver lining in this. But really, is that all they could muster is 65 diamonds after 50 years of business? Quixtar reportedly went all out and hired the music group the Motels in recognition of their incredible shrinking company. Click here to hear the Motels performing at Diamond Cluster 2008.

With all that extra elbow room at the Grand Wailea I am sure it felt much more exclusive this year. How much extra elbow room you ask? Well in recent years there have been somewhere in the neighborhood of 260 diamonds or so. On the Alticor blog Ada-tudes there was a lot of conversation about the 160 or so diamonds for 2007. So as you can see Quixtar is now minus another hundred diamonds for 2008. At this rate of demise, well, you can do the math. Quixtar is involved in a complete free fall.

Another big story from Diamond Cluster 2008 was that Mike "MonaVie" Mohr addressed the diamonds in attendence. During his speech Mr. Mohr took the time to engage in MonaVie bashing from stage. Yes this is the same Mike Mohr who considers price comparisons to be disparagment. But somehow his conduct is just fine. Mr. Mohr, after trashing MonaVie, told the diamonds that if anyone approached their cattle with MonaVie, that they would have the full weight of the company behind them. This of course was code for, don't get any ideas or we will sue you! Mike Mohr is really Quixtar's version of Kathy Bates / Annie Wilkes from the movie Misery. Encouraging folks to succeed or, as in the movie get the book written, all the while waiting to break your legs so you can NEVER leave. In case you were wondering what it all looked like, here are some pictures for your enjoyment.

Picture 1, Picture 2, Picture 3.

Well enough of Diamond Cluster 08. The other big story from my CWPF's is quit alarming. Alticor has long been known as a great place to work with good pay. Well it seems that employees are trying to prepare for the worse. It was hinted to me that since the North American business continues to shrink that some employees are considering a union organizing effort in order to protect their jobs. I was almost shocked to hear such a thing. It wasn't clear in what part of the company these rumblings were coming from but I am sure it will be met with stern resistance.

Well that is it for this installment of Behind the Walls of Quixtar. Information continues to pour from inside the company so I will have more when the information merits your attention.

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