Monday, February 25, 2008


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Monday, February 25, 2008

After a flurry of posts and related comments in the last few weeks The IBO Rebellion received this comment that I have reprinted and placed at the bottom of this post. Being optimistic, as I am, I am hoping this could possibly be an attempt by Quixtar at ending this madness. Could this be an olive branch extended to TEAM and The IBO Rebellion? In the hopes that this is in fact Quixtar's way of asking for a truce then I will make the following pledge.

I, THE IBO REBELLION, pledge to completely remove this site under the following conditions.
Alticor and its related companies cease all legal action against the TEAM.
Alticor and its related companies cease all legal action against all former IBOs affiliated with TEAM, including all anonymous bloggers.
I can only hope that Quixtar and friends really do want peace. If not, this blog will continue. Though it may be difficult to maintain an effective blog while also building an exponentially expanding MonaVie buisness, I will do my best. Oh, and by the way Quixtar.... I never signed a contract with a non-compete agreement. As you very well know this was inserted without my knowledge. So what do you find most unfair this blog or what I just described?

Anonymous said...
Dear TEAM,

THANK YOU for leaving. We would like to be quiet but apparently YOU folks never wanted to leave quietly.

Since you continue to maintain sites where you bash the corporation because they forced you to adhere to the rules of conduct you signed, well, you must then realize that there are folks who view that as unfair, and will not just leave you alone.

Why should we - and allow you to continue a one sided debate?

February 25, 2008 7:13 PM

Posted by The IBO Rebellion at 8:39 PM


ROFL said...

wow. I cant believe you actually said that. We never wanted to leave quietly? BS that is, we have been quiet, and sitting in content not trying to make a scene. But as we sit Quixsand keeps filing lawsuit after lawsuit [that orrin himself pays]. And after the non compete they are still trying to keep us in. Slavery was abolished in 1865 so gl. Oh and btw we're glad we left because we'll be around for years, and years and years, but not you guys, you'll be gone in a few years. I wonder how Europe will handle you guys getting sent out of Britian?

Anonymous said...

Has quixam really sued Mona Vie? Are they really trying to get records to see if any former IBOs have gotten involved with Mona Vie?? If they find some that haven't waited the 6 month non-compete period can they sue the individual? Especially if they were not informed at the time of signing of this 6 month non-compete? I know its a million and one questions...I am just not being able to get the answers anywhere else. Thanks!