Tuesday, February 19, 2008


So with all the talk of Mona-Vie™, I wanted to get some more info. Here are some helpful links I found:

TV News article on Mona-Vie™ Active

Mona-Vie™ Income Disclosure Statement

Main Mona-Vie™ website

Mona-Vie™ Compensation plan


Anonymous said...

I found this interesting post at MLM-theWholeTruth.com on the MonaVie page in the News section:

Monavie (Mona Vie) and Perfect Acai Comparison. Is Monavie a scam? How does Perfect Acai compare to Monavie juice? Is Monavie a scam? ... we don't have $180 available each month to buy a fruit juice. Why spend $180 for a "acai blend" when you can get 100% Pure Sambazon Organic Freeze Dried Acai for $29.95 a month

rocket said...

Good on Mona-Vie for having a transparent income disclosure, and a easy to read compensation plan.

Are you missing the point?


supastah said...

What's with the Perfect ACAI spam?

Unfortunate that the Spambazon marketing approach relies heavily on high google rank for keywords "MonaVie" and "Scam" ... followed of course with the price comparison one-two punch. I'm sure it's a great product, but it's a real turnoff. I'll stick with MonaVie.

Tsk tsk.

Till The End said...

Listen I think that Mona Vie was an execllent choice to begin with... pay play It is so fast and structure are perfect for building depth Can you say 200 pv power players for under 300 bucks? how can that have happened under the old system... Now imagine this with every other product that we WILL be adding over the next few months! it will be amazing guys we are no longer going to be competing with Quixway... We will be going for the... well, two pit bulls in a ring.... Bring it!

Anonymous said...

For those who complain about $45 a bottle: at IBO cost a XX refill is $50.15 per person, and THEN there are ALL the other supplements Nutrilite recommends taking. This is looking more and more like a "no brainer" to me.

LUCHADOR said...

are you kidding what were we spending to do 100 pv at the quixstopo???

then it was even more if you wanted laundry soap!!

i think its cost effective, good product and i still save over $ 200 a month with more cost effective consumable goods.

Donald Weekes said...

If we are going to compare, $45 per bottle (is that distributor cost?) times 4 weeks per month is $180 per month. Double X is a bit over $50 per month. Hmmmm.

The question is more than cost, but value. What is the health value of the Monavie vs DoubleX.

I am glad that I am sticking with my IBOship with Quixtar. How much revenue per household is there with one product line?

At least with one product, the product sales will be promoted more, you have to. I know from being affiliated with various LOAs that product promotion was always secondary to the opportunity promotion.

I for one will watch to see where this goes. I remember a large Pin on stage commenting on One product, Big $. Hmmmm.

The good news is Monavie will essentially double their sales this next year with all the Team people coming aboard. The product appears similar to Xango, which I have had people prospect me for in the past.

FYI, my upline Platinum is affiliated with Team last summer less than two months before the #### hit the fan.

Anonymous said...

Good for you! Let us know how things are going a year from now with Amway. Im guessing you wont be around to tell.

Anonymous said...

I can speak for someone who's taken double x and just about everything else that QAmway has in their bag for many years prior to last year. Between Nutrilite, XS, and consumables I was spending many times over what a month's worth of MonaVie costs. Like at least $800 / Month to keep the 300pv volume going in order to stay in good graces with the upline. Plus at least another $150 to stay on standing order for tools, web office, Kate, not counting functions, nite owls, etc. WalMart (who regularly also gets slammed at QAmway meetings-Why isn't QAmway trying to sue WalMart for unfair competition?) now gets the consumable dollars at a fraction of the price. For QAmway to say it has competing products that contain ACAI is a HOOT. NOTHING QAmway has even gets close to Monavie Active in terms of results, for me at least, and my wife, my daughter, my sister, my negative brothernlaw, my sisternlaw, my motherinlaw,...get the picture. In fact we've never been able to get our family members involved in QAmway (which we've started and failed in 3 times), or even buy the products. Myself and my sponsor who started a week apart have together put over 120 (and growing) distributors in the MonaVie network (none from QAmway biz - we don't need to raid QAmway) in 3 months.

QAmway is running scared and they should be, but not because of MonaVie. Because they are now being run by their attorneys. Shame on the Devos and VanAndel boys. They should've listened to the TEAM guys. And by the way I wasn't part of TEAM.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah...one more thing. I am branded on all of my clothing with MonaVie. We're not sneaking up on people. Everything we do is out front. How many of the QAmway people proudly wear the big "A"?

Haven't seen any lately.

MonaVie is a Scam said...
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Velocity said...

It is funny how all of the people that say Monavie is a scam are the ones who have never tried the product or tried it long enough to see what it can do. Monavie is not juice. It is a nutrient dense nutritional beverage. I have been drinking juice all my life and I have never felt health benefits from any juice. My health has changed 100% from drinking this product. And by the way, my wife's health has completely change for the better and so has everyone that I know that has given Monavie the proper time to get into their systems. This product is changing millions of people's health for sure. Juice can't do that, because juice is mainly sugar water. Monavie is liquid nutrition when you take the time to study it (Unlike what most of you rocket scientist bloggers with no job and no life have been doing). The "nay sayers" told Henry Ford that the car would never work and would never replace the horse. When the internet came out these same type of negative pundits said the internet would never amount to anything. Look at us know.

Listening to negativity gets you nowhere. Negative people are doomed in life and I highly suggest that anyone reading this to consider the source when listening to uneducated opinions.

Monavie is not just acai. Monavie made up of the phytonutrients and trace minerals from 19 different plant sources. Any nutritionist will tell you to eat as many different plant sources as possible. That is great that Mr. Anonymous is getting acai powder from one source. It still is only one plant source. He fails to mention that Monavie also Cupuacu now in it with acai so you're now getting 2 superfood sources and still 19 different pytonutrients in your daily serving.

Good luck in whatever nutritional source you choose. All nutrition is great and how you get it is up to you.

Make it a great day!

Anonymous said...

All I have to say is mona-vie has completely changed my life. I'm 20 years old making 200,000 a year.... 4,000 bucks a week. Trust me, it's not a scam.

courtney said...

All I can do is sit back and laugh at the negative remarks. I don't have to defend Mona Vie because the people that actually get involved and drink the juice know the outcome. I drink it, I love it, there's ridiculous amounts of money from it so be negative all you want, because we only want positive people on board anyway. Peace, love, and Mona Vie!

Anonymous said...

A scam? Far from it! MonaVie recently topped the charts, reigning in at No. 1 in the Inc. 500 Food & Beverage category, No. 3 in Revenue, and No. 18 on the overall Inc. 500 list. It has also been honored at a special awards ceremony on August 27, 2009, at the
Grand America Hotel in Salt Lake City, Utah. MonaVie will also be included in a special feature in the September edition of Utah
Business magazine so keep posted.

Anonymous said...

A scam? Far from it! MonaVie topped the charts, reigning in at No. 1 in the Inc. 500 Food & Beverage category, No. 3 in Revenue, and No. 18 on the overall Inc. 500 list. MonaVie was also honored at a special awards ceremony on August 27, 2009, at the
Grand America Hotel in Salt Lake City, Utah. MonaVie will be included in a special feature in the September edition of Utah
Business magazine 2007! A;; those achievments, along with tons of great News press (FOX, ABC etc) Monavie is vastly becoming a household name.