Friday, February 15, 2008

TEAM: Tim & Amy Marks: 2008 Will Be GREAT!!!!!!

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2008 Will Be GREAT!!!!!!
Friday, February 15, 2008

The question of what to do next in our lives has been a big one for Amy and me, and it required careful consideration and considerable research. Our chief goal was to make sure our energies went into an activity that would be rewarding, fun, significant in the lives of others, and glorifying to God. We have been blessed, and we want to use the gifts we have been given to do something worthwhile and positive.

We also have a long term view for the future, which involves pioneering some concepts on Internet business that could and should become something that would resemble a “Wal-Mart of the Internet.” Events and conditions, however, dictate that this step cannot be taken immediately. A more immediate solution was needed first, upon which we could build up to the bigger vision.

After considering many, many fields, opportunities, and companies, Amy and I finally selected, as our choice of personal involvement, a company called Mona Vie, ( which satisfies all the areas we were interested in. Here is a brief list of reasons why we have selected Mona Vie:

1. their Binary pay plan is easy to understand, teach, duplicate
2. their Binary pay plan is fair, rewards teamwork and “depth”, and leaves no one behind
3. the levels of STAR and STARMAKER are extremely duplicate-able and easy to teach for everyone
4. the compensation plan, including the 8 ways to make money, is the most exciting we could find in the industry
5. 50% of the product revenue is paid back out to the distributors in the field. Not only is this one of the highest totals we could find in the entire industry, but it is an ACTUAL 50%, not a THEORETICAL 50%, this is because:
6. there is no BREAKAGE in the pay plan (Breakage is where there is earned bonuses that don’t make it into the paychecks of distributors, this can happen any number of ways, and most MLM pay plans have multiple layers of breakage that benefit the parent company). In part, this is made possible because:
7. any left over volume that doesn’t get figured into a distributor’s bonus in the current pay week, automatically gets applied to the next week
8. people are experiencing financial success with this pay plan
9. the product is exactly in line with the wellness trends of today
10. the product creates excitement of its own in the marketplace and has a tremendous following of individuals who have experienced benefits
11. the product is being used successfully to contact others about the business itself
12. the product tastes absolutely great!
13. harvesting of the product protects trees in the rain forest and preserves the environment
14. the marketing and integration of Mona Vie as a company are world class
15. there is a plethora of brochures, magazines, and other such aids provided by the company that do a wonderful job of explaining their product and opportunity
16. Mona Vie’s website is top notch and specifically designed to help distributors sell its product, including a free “personalized” website interface to be used with customers
17. there has been a lot of press about the product from famous business figures to professional, championship level professional athletes
18. their policies and procedures are fair, honest, and understandable
19. when sharing the business opportunity, Mona Vie mandates the display of their Income Disclosure Statement. This statement not only shows average incomes, but it shows them clearly at each level in their business. Further, it shows highs and lows at each level. And finally, it shows exactly how many individuals are currently qualified at each of those income levels. This amount of clarity and disclosure, as well as the success that it represents, is extremely exciting.
20. their pay plan pays its distributors WEEKLY. We love this idea and think the average distributor can benefit a lot from an idea like this.
21. weekly payment is credited to a ready-to-use Mastercard.
22. qualification periods are either weekly or, for larger levels, monthly. This is nice for anyone setting goals to be able to reach in a short, reasonable time-frame.
23. there are incentive trips, lease luxury cars, jet travel time, diamond rings and pendants, money toward motor coaches, and conferences for achievers.
24. the product volume (PV) is easily calculated (100PV represents one case of four bottles) which makes the entire pay plan extremely easy to understand and teach
25. there are bulk order discounts which allow for increased profits on retail sales
26. there is an excellent Preferred Customer program
27. the business can be built in many countries without any complicated procedures. In essence, volume is volume, no matter which participant country it is generated in
28. the company founded and supports the MORE project dedicated to helping orphaned children in South America.

Tim & Amy

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